What is car rental reimbursement insurance, and why should I buy it in Wayzata, Minnesota?

Although a recent study found that Americans own an average of 2.28 vehicles per household, there are plenty of families throughout Wayzata, Minnesota who choose to own just one car for various reasons. Nationwide, approximately 33.8 percent of households in the U.S. own just one vehicle. Whether it’s to save money on car-related expenses or dramatically reducing their environmental footprint, many one-car families are making do with sharing a single vehicle among the entire household.

So how does car rental reimbursement come into play? If you’ve recently been in an auto accident in Wayzata and you only own one vehicle, chances are you’ll need a way to get to work and back while your vehicle is undergoing repairs or, in the case of a total loss, while your insurance provider arranges for a replacement. Car rental reimbursement coverage is an optional auto insurance benefit that can help cover the cost of a rental vehicle under the circumstances.

Car rental reimbursement coverage usually works one of two ways:

  • You rent a vehicle from the rental car company of your choice and pay the upfront costs. These costs are later reimbursed after submitting receipts and a claim form to your insurance provider.
  • You rent a vehicle from a rental car company approved by your insurance provider. Instead of paying upfront costs, the rental company bills your insurance provider directly.

Most forms of car rental reimbursement coverage feature a “per-day” or “per-accident” limit that varies depending on the insurance company’s own policies. Also keep in mind that this coverage does not cover car rentals that are needed while your vehicle is in the shop undergoing ordinary maintenance or repairs.

You can always turn to your Pizano Insurance for more information on rental reimbursements and other optional insurance coverage for your vehicle. As your independent agent, we can help you build the best auto insurance plan that covers all of the bases.

Does my car insurance cover someone who borrows my car in Albertville, Minnesota ?

Allowing a friend, relative or even the babysitter to borrow your car in Albertville, Minnesota does not necessarily mean that you are taking unnecessary risks. In many cases, insurers will still cover your vehicle while a loved one or a friend is driving the car. Even though you may still be covered, certain situations may impact your auto coverage and might limit the funds that you are provided.

Lending to Individuals in the Same House

If you live with the individual who is borrowing your vehicle, then you may not be covered for the damages unless the person is mentioned under your policy. The reason is that the individual may drive the vehicle more often and has a higher risk of getting into an accident as a result.

When a loved one lives in the same house, it may be wise to put them under your current account to avoid complications if an accident occurs.

Lending to Others

Offering your car to a friend, relative or acquaintance who does not live in the same house means that you are still covered under most policies. Keep in mind that every insurer is different, so it is important to evaluate your particular policy before you allow a loved one to drive your car.

Read your policy to find out what situations may be classified as an exception to the basic rules. If there are times when you are not covered, then identify those situations to avoid problems if you must make a claim.

In most cases, you are covered if you lend your car to another individual. Contact Pizano Insurance to talk to an independent agent about your coverage options and the situations that may not be covered by a basic policy.

What is the difference between limited and full tort coverage in Wayzata, Minnesota?

Court cases related to auto accidents can cause a variety of complications for drivers and the court system, which is why insurers offer limited tort and full tort coverage in Wayzata, Minnesota. By understanding the differences between the policies, it is easier to determine the best option for your goals and needs.

Full Tort

A full tort policy means that you have the right to sue a negligent driver when he or she crashes into your vehicle. Regardless of the coverage that you select, the driver of another vehicle who crashes into your car and causes injuries is responsible for your medical bills and the repairs to your vehicle.

In the case of major injuries, you may decide that you want to sue the driver for your pain and suffering rather than just the medical bills. If you have a full tort insurance policy, then you have the right to sue in this situation.

Limited Tort

A limited tort policy means that you are not allowed to sue for pain and suffering in an auto accident. Your coverage allows you to submit your medical bills and the cost of your repairs to the other driver’s insurance company for compensation.

The insurer will usually pay the full amount of your bills up to a certain amount, which will vary based on the other driver’s liability plan. When you opt for a limited tort policy, you cannot sue for your pain and suffering, regardless of the extent of your injuries.

Limited and full tort auto policies are not the same. If you opt for a limited tort plan, then you are giving up the right to take the other driver to court for additional compensation after an accident. Contact Pizano Insurance to talk to an independent agent for more details.

Do I need my Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or driver’s license number to get an auto insurance policy quote in Albertville, Minnesota?

Asking for a quote from an auto insurance company will require that you provide certain details and information about your car and your personal driving history. Depending on the insurance company, the exact information that you are required to provide may vary.


In many cases, a customer service representative or the company providing a quote will require the use of a driving license to obtain a quote. You will not need to send a copy of your license, but you may be asked to provide the driver’s license number on the card to verify your driving history.

A license is used for identification and accurate estimates. Since a quote is an estimate of the price you will pay, your driving history is a necessary part of obtaining accurate figures.


Even though an insurance company may ask for the Vehicle Identification Number before providing the coverage on your car in Albertville, Minnesota, it may not be necessary to provide the information when you are asking for a quote.

In most cases, insurers will provide a quote if you provide the make and model of the car. The VIN is only necessary after you have purchased the vehicle and are applying the policy to the account. The make and model of the car, as well as the year it was built, are the key factors that determine the appropriate estimate.

Providing a large amount of information to an insurance company can help you obtain the most accurate estimate for your coverage. Depending on the insurer, the details you will need to provide can vary. Contact Pizano Insurance to talk to an independent agent for more information about the details you need to provide for an accurate estimate.