Why you Need Motorcycle Insurance in Wayzata, MN

There are few things better than riding a motorcycle on the open road in America, but it’s a dangerous proposition both personally and financially without the right amount of insurance for your bike. So if you live in a place like Wayzata, Minnesota, where there is plenty of scenery with roads that are perfect for riding a motorcycle, setting up the correct insurance policy for your bike with a local agency like Pizano Insurance—who serves the greater Wayzata, MN area—can be the difference between a smooth recovery from an accident or a financial hardship and a lot of medical bills. Below are some tips for what type of motorcycle insurance coverage you should definitely have when riding in this region of the country.


As motorcycle riders are much more prone to being in an accident percentage-wise and that these accidents often cause serious injuries or worse, having a robust policy on your motorcycle insurance to cover all your possible future medical bills is key. The last thing you want to have happen is to get out of the hospital after an intense and miraculous recovery only to be faced with a medical bill that will destroy your future earning potential for years to come.


Minnesota is known for having relatively increment weather, so it’s important there is something on your motorcycle insurance policy that cover something like that. Be it damage to the bike itself from the weather or something that will cover you in the event of an accident in the icy or rainy conditions you will face in Minnesota, just make sure you have something.


You will want to make sure your bike can be paid for and repaired as well in the event of an accident. Make sure the value of the bike is insured completely before taking out a motorcycle insurance policy.