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Minnesota Auto Insurance

When it comes to Minnesota auto insurance, it's always best to work with an independent agency like Pizano Insurance. When you choose a local agency for your Albertville or Wayzata coverage, you can get the right policy for the right price. From St. Louis Park to Minneapolis, and from Plymouth to Golden Valley or even Maple Grove, you can get quotes online and compare different companies in order to get the best rates for your car or truck. Depending on who is going to be the driver and what kind of record that person has, the insurance rates can really vary.

You don't want to end up paying too much just to insure your car, and you can't go without insurance. Legally, you're required to have at least state minimum coverage on your vehicle. Most people also want to add comprehensive coverage to protect them from things like fire, theft, and glass breakage. If you have your car financed, you'll also need to have collision coverage on it, and you don't want to overpay for something you could get for much less. As an independent agency, we will let you take a careful look at several different companies, and help you decide which company is right for you.

Don't get caught paying too much for your Minnesota auto insurance. You need that money for other things, and there's no reason to overpay when you can get great coverage at a lower price. Pizano Insurance can help you do that. Having a local agent also means getting your questions answered and your concerns handled from someone in the community that you know and trust. That's a good feeling and can provide a lot of peace of mind. With auto insurance, you want to know that you're covered and that you have the right policy for your needs.