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Other Minnesota Insurance Options

In addition to popular insurance coverage in Minnesota, such as an auto or homeowners policy, there are other options you should compare. Whether you live in Wayzata, Albertville, Maple Grove or surrounding areas in Minnesota, consider Pizano Insurance as your independent agency of choice.

Protecting your assets with appropriate coverage can sometimes appear confusing. Among the benefits of an independent agency, like Pizano Insurance, is receiving the experienced advice from professionals when you need protection for liability (umbrella policy), a motorcycle or a boat.

Umbrella Insurance

A personal umbrella policy, often called a PUP, protects you with extra liability coverage above your auto and home maximum limits. Liability losses can sometimes generate financial disaster if they exceed your standard auto and home insurance maximums. A PUP policy will keep your finances and other assets safe from attack and lawsuits.

Umbrella premiums are usually quite affordable. Since a PUP only steps up after your other insurance liability limits are exceeded, insurers do not charge expensive premiums for umbrella coverage. Your independent agency can get you multiple quotes for PUP policies, allowing you to compare protection and costs from different companies.

Motorcycle Insurance

You should have sufficient liability protection, bodily injury, medical, collision and comprehensive coverage, along with passenger liability insurance. When you insure a motorcycle, pay attention to protecting your accessories. Unlike an auto, where most upgrades are covered with the main vehicle policy, motorcycles often have customized accessories you've added to express your individualism.

Since accessories are susceptible to theft or accident damage, be sure you have sufficient insurance to replace your accessories when needed. Once again, you'll see the value of using an experienced independent agency, like Pizano Insurance, as you'll receive valuable advice and compare quotes from multiple companies.

Boat Insurance

Marine insurance policies can be confusing and downright quirky. Experienced boaters know that their coverage differs rather significantly from auto and motorcycle insurance. Most boat insurance coverage contains two primary components: liability and physical damage protection.

Liability coverage will reimburse the costs for people, other than yourself and your family, for injuries and property damage they may suffer. This insurance also covers your legal expenses if you must defend a lawsuit.

Physical damage insurance reimburses you for damage to your boat or its related machinery, like outboard or inboard engines. Since many bargain marine policies have exclusions for vandalism or weather damage, consider purchasing an all risk policy, without such exclusions. Also, cover all the equipment you keep on board.

The bottom line: Wherever you live, drive, ride or sail in Minnesota, including St. Louis Park, Golden Valley, Minneapolis and Plymouth, use an independent agency like Pizano Insurance to save you time and money to find the best insurance protection you can afford.