Is my Pillion Covered Under my Motorcycle Insurance in Albertville, Minnesota?

When you ride a motorcycle and carry passengers on a pillion, you may assume that your motorcycle insurance in Albertville, Minnesota is protecting every individual involved. Even if you have full coverage for your motorcycle, you and your pillion passenger may not be covered for medical expenses.

Motorcycle Policies

Unlike an auto policy, which provides cover for medical expenses when you have full protection, a motorcycle insurer may not provide medical protection for the rider or passenger. Even if the rider is covered, a pillion may not be covered.

The risk of injuries and accidents is higher when you ride a motorcycle than when you drive a car, which impacts the coverage that you are offered.

Read the Policy

Although many companies will not provide protection for medical expenses, each insurer has a different process of providing protection and the exact amount of protection will vary. Read through your coverage plan to determine if your pillion is currently covered or if you need to add additional protection to your current plan.

If you discover that you need to protect yourself and your passenger from medical complications, then talk to an independent agent about your options. An agent can help you find an appropriate plan based on the amount of riding you enjoy, your budget and any complications that might impact your plan. By comparing your options with the help of an agent, you will not need to worry about your medical costs or that of your passenger if you are involved in an accident.

Riding a motorcycle requires protection from injuries that may occur. The problem is that many insurers do not provide full coverage for the rider or passenger. To learn more about your options or get help understanding your current plan, contact us to talk to an independent agent.

Can I Negotiate my Auto Insurance Claim with my Insurer in Albertville, Minnesota, if I am not Satisfied with What I am Offered?

When you make a claim on your auto insurance policy in Albertville, Minnesota, you may not always get the amount that you expect. Depending on the situation, your claim and your current policy, you may be able to negotiate with your insurer.

Read the Policy Carefully

Before you try to negotiate with your insurer, read through all of the documents regarding the amount of cover the insurer is expected to provide. Find out if you have full coverage for that specific situation or if an exception is causing the dissatisfaction. If your current plan does not provide protection against a specific situation you are facing due to a clause or exception, then you might not be able to negotiate further.

Obtain Proof

In some cases, the reason you are dissatisfied with the amount provided by the insurance company is actually related to the proof that you’ve given. Provide an estimate of damages from your mechanic for any damage to the vehicle or give a copy of the police report to prove that you did not cause the accident. By providing more proof of responsibility, costs and other factors, you will have the necessary documentation to prove that the insurer is not following up on their side of the contract.

Talk to the Insurer

When you have proof, start the negotiation process. Do not rush through the process and point out every detail about the situation that you can. Use your policy to point out the mistakes.

Negotiating with an insurance company is possible, but it requires the proper steps and the appropriate proof to show that you’ve been given too little according to your policy. To learn more about negotiating with your insurer, contact us to talk to an independent agent.

What role does an independent agent play in a claim in Wayzata, Minnesota?

What should you do if you back into a pole in a Wayzata, Minnesota shopping center and put a big dent in your bumper? You know your husband is going to see it, so you just can not pretend it never happened. The real question is whether or not you should file a claim with your auto insurance company.

The collision portion of your auto insurance policy will cover the damage that is above your deductible. If the damage was, say, $750, and your deductible is $500, the best you could hope for is a check for $250. You might be hesitant to file a claim in such an instance because it could raise your rates the next time you have to renew your Minnesota auto insurance policy.

As your independent agent, we run into this type of dilemma all of the time. While the decision as to whether you should or should not file a claim is up to you, we can give you some solid information about what the effect of filing a claim will be on your auto insurance rates.

An independent agent works for you and not for any individual insurance company. We can provide you with unbiased advice that you can not get by talking directly to an insurance company. If it is in your best interest to not file a claim, we will tell you why.

If you develop a long-term relationship with an independent agent you like and trust, you will have someone who can look out for all of your insurance needs. Here in Wayzata, we like to get to know our clients so we can serve them better. Over time, your various insurance needs can change. We can counsel you on how best to cover those changing needs and provide you with the right policy or policies so you are properly insured throughout your life.

Can I Avail Occupational Discounts on my Auto Insurance Policy in Wayzata, Minnesota?

Obtaining a discount on your auto insurance policy from your occupation may sound unlikely, but some insurers may allow a business owner or employee of a business with an occupational discount to apply the discount in cover to a personal account in Wayzata, Minnesota.

When Discounts Apply

Discounts do not apply to every situation, particularly when it is an occupational discount that is used for business reasons. In some cases, insurers may allow that discount to carry over to a personal policy, but it usually requires the same carrier for both business and personal use and may require individuals to use a personal vehicle for business reasons.

Variation Between Companies

Although discounts may apply in certain situations, it is rare and most companies will have strict divisions between personal and business vehicles, even when it relates to discounted coverage.

While the companies will have different rules and policies related to the situation, it may be possible to find companies that allow occupational discounts to carry over into personal coverage plans.

Finding the Right Plan

Even if an insurer does not apply a discount related to a specific occupation to a personal vehicle, you may be eligible for discounts that you’ve overlooked when searching for coverage. Different companies offer a wide range of solutions to help bring down the prices, so it is important to ask about any current promotions or possible reductions that may apply to a specific account.

Getting the right plan and policy is not always easy, but it is possible when you are willing to compare options. Since private insurers are different from business insurers, in most cases your occupational discount will not apply to the personal account. To learn more about getting better rates, contact us to talk to an independent agent.