What is Home Depreciation and How Can it Impact You?

Home depreciation is something that happens as a home ages. What this means is that over time, your home will start to lose some value if you do not make any upgrades or changes to the home. If it is left as is with no changes, there will be newer homes available on the market that have better features and will be worth more money as well. Your home starts to lose value when things break, are outdated, and more. This is an important factor in your home insurance policy and Pizano Insurance serving Wayzata, MN can help. 

Over time, your home will start to depreciate and it does not happen overnight. There are some other factors that can play a small role as well including the economy but it may not play as big of a role as many claim. You will want to make sure that your home insurance policy reflects depreciation and that you are not overpaying if your home as lost value. To ensure you are not paying too much, you will want to get your home assessed for depreciation. 

You do not want to get your home assessed simply for the purpose of potentially lowering your insurance premiums because this can lead to other problems for you later on. However, if you do want to have your home evaluated, you can do so through an easy process. You will need to get in touch with an appraiser or home assessor to come perform the task for you. It is best to have one come through your insurance agency. This process will help you determine the current value of your home and how much it will cost you to rebuild. They will then give this information to your insurance company.  Contact Pizano Insurance serving Wayzata, MN today to learn more.  

End of Summer is a Perfect Time for Car Care

As summer time ends and your summer activities are finished, it’s the perfect time to care for your car before winter arrives in the Wayzata, MN area. An untimely breakdown is never convenient, but during the cold weather, it can be dangerous. Now is the perfect time to review your vehicle’s owner’s manual to see if there are any manufacturer’s recommended schedules for service that need your attention. Beyond the recommendations, here are a few other items to consider.

  • Is it time for an oil change? Most recommend every 3,000 miles if the majority of your miles are stop-and-go short trips.
  • How’s the engine running? If you’re experiencing rough idling, stalling, less power, or a noticeable decrease in fuel economy, these issues can increase in cold weather.
  • Are there driveability issues? Are you experiencing hard stops, pulling to one side while stopping or driving, or if you hear noises when you’re driving, turning, or stopping that is new, then it’s time to have them checked.
  • It could be time to have the cooling system flushed and the belts, clamps, and hoses checked.
  • Depending on weather conditions where you live, your battery may need to be replaced or the fluid checked. Those in extreme temperature areas may need to replace their batteries more frequently and add water regularly.
  • Inspect your vehicle’s lights to make sure all are in working order.
  • Have the exhaust system checked for leaks.
  • Visually check your tires for uneven wear, tread, cracks in the sidewalls, and tire air pressure.

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