Comprehensive Car Insurance: What Does It Protect?

Comprehensive car insurance policies for Wayzata, MN vehicles can provide a broad range of protection that will help keep you safe. But what exactly does it protect? We at Pizano Insurance can answer that question and provide you with the help you need to plan your policy.

What’s Covered By Comprehensive Car Insurance?

Comprehensive car policies may vary slightly by provider but typically offer the same general range of options. They’ll protect you against things that other types of policies do not and match their name: the comprehensive protection can be pretty overwhelming. These options include:

  • Natural disasters, like fires, floods, and earthquakes
  • Theft and vandalism from a broad range of people
  • Explosions or fires, including the car’s internal explosion
  • Animal-impact damage, such as running into a deer
  • Terrorism, including explosions and various types of damage

How It Differs From Collision

Collision coverage also helps protect your vehicle from various types of physical damage. However, it centers on damage caused by hitting other cars, trucks, vans, or stationary objects. Traditional liability car insurance will not fix your car: only those of people you’ve damaged.

So, it is an essential option but not quite the same as a comprehensive policy. You may add both types to your coverage by spending a little more and adjusting your policy in ways that make sense for your needs, including adding other types of riders and coverage types.

Take Care of Your Vehicle

If you live in Wayzata, MN, and want comprehensive car insurance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Pizano Insurance to get more help. Our team will work directly with you to help make your needs easier to understand and will do what they can to streamline your insurance purchase and implementation without any challenge.

How Car Insurance Protects You in Liability Situations

Car insurance is a vital way of protecting yourself and your family from serious financial issues. Why? It can pay for a broad range of concerns, including handling any liability issues that you may experience. At Pizano Insurance, we can help you understand why this is the case.

What are Liability Situations?

When you crash your car, the liability of all involved parties must be carefully assessed to figure out who is to blame. The result may be that you get blamed for the situation and in a challenging case. In addition, you’ll likely be the center of lawsuits and other types of legal scenarios, which can be pretty costly.

However, your car insurance can help you out in this situation. Whether you live in Wayzata, MN, or the surrounding area, your policy will kick in when you’re to blame for an accident. It will then pay for various things that may affect your bottom line otherwise.

How Insurance Helps

When your car insurance liability protection comes into play, your policy will pay for various things. For example, it will pay for lawsuit damages you might experience, up to your coverage limit. Umbrella insurance can pay more if needed, but you need a separate policy.

Likewise, your insurance may also pay for healthcare and other types of damage, including the destruction of vehicles and private property. As with all insurances, your policy will only cover up to its suggested limits, meaning you need to be careful with how much you’re likely to earn.

We Can Help You

If you live in or near Wayzata, MN, and aren’t sure what kind of policy you possess, you may want to reach out to us at Pizano Insurance. Our team will find coverage that makes sense for you and can adjust your existing option, if needed, to ensure that you feel comfortable with your protection.