Minnesota Boat Owners: Basic coverage options you should know about for your equipment

Living in the Albertville, and Wayzata, Minnesota areas there are plenty of chances for you to take your boat out on the water. While boating there are a lot of things that can cause damage to your boat. There is the possibility of colliding with another boater or even being in a damage causing storm. If you are looking for some type of boat insurance, then there are few basics related to coverage options that you will need to think through before buying the policy.

Basic Boat Insurance Options for Your Watercraft

  • Liability insurance is one part of the policy that comes standard no matter what you end up getting. This coverage pays for damages that you may cause because of accidental causes. If someone trips and falls and ends up suing you, your insurance liability will cover the cost.
  • Comprehensive will still cover for damages to your craft that are not accident related. Some things that might be covered include Hail, theft, fire and several other perils.
  • Taking a certified boat safety class will get you a great discount not available to most boaters.
  • Equipment coverage is another benefit that you will not want to pass up. Some boaters like to buy a lot of expensive equipment for their boats. They may buy sonar, radios, and many other safety devices. If something turns up missing, you may not have coverage unless you covered your equipment on the boat.

If you are looking to get a boat policy or just have questions about a policy that you already have, then you need to contact an independent agent today. We can help guide you through the basics of a great boat policy. Call us today and get your boat protected the way it should be.

What is the Minimum Business Insurance Coverage Needed for a Start-Up Company in Albertville, MN?

If you are a new business owner with a start-up company, you should never open your doors in Albertville, Minnesota, without speaking to your independent agent about buying at least the minimum of insurance coverage. Minimum coverage is generally considered commercial general liability insurance. Business owners can purchase a company insurance package that offers adequate protection at a lower price.

Sometimes this minimum coverage is the only policy protection a company will need. If you have more than one company location, have hired employees and your company have higher profits you will no doubt need a different type of coverage protection.

This minimum liability coverage will protect you against property damage, personal injury, bodily injury and advertising injury. These four separate issues are purchased in one package instead of buying each coverage separately. These four coverages are bundled into a package are usually enough for any small business.

If your endeavor is a higher risk company that could leave you at risk for a high liability law suit, such as a small restaurant, in Albertville, Minnesota, you may want to purchase a supplement policy, such as an umbrella policy that will pay beyond the limits of your basic policy. Your independent agent can help you decide if an umbrella policy will be what you need, and sort through the particulars of purchasing the right coverage at the right price.

The umbrella policy will open up benefits that pay for legal fees and judgments that your basic policy does not cover. If you operate a business that presents more risk than normal, you should discuss your options with your independent agent in Albertville, Minnesota, in order to secure your financial future. We can help you with your policy needs. It is important that you give us a call so that we can give you specific details for your circumstances.

Will My Premium Increase if I Make a Claim on My Home Insurance in Albertville, MN?

If you live in the Albertville, Minnesota area and need to turn in a claim on your homeowner’s policy, think carefully before taking this action. You can call your independent agent in Albertville and discuss your risks. When you make claims on your home there are certain factors that are sure to increase your monthly premium and overall policy cost. Many homeowners do not make claims for fear of raising their homeowners insurance premiums. Speak with your independent agent first, we are here to help you.

Depending on how many claims you make on your home could flag your name in databases, such as CLUE and A-PLUS. Having your name in a database may make it more difficult for you to get homeowners insurance in the future or maintain your current homeowner’s coverage.

The purpose of having this policy is to give you, the homeowner, peace of mind. A homeowner’s policy is available for you to help you replace or rebuild property to its original state. The purpose for homeowner’s coverage is to help the homeowner fix a situation. The homeowner should never abuse their insurance by turning in unnecessary claims.

Claims that are sure to raise premiums and claims that may not be able to be neglected are dog bite incidents, water damages, and personal injury claims, such as slip and fall accidents. Every claim is different with varying details. These details will determine if your premium will increase and how much.

There are some claims that companies cannot charge you for, such as, claims that are considered being natural events. The weather is going to do what it does, and no one can prevent this type of damage. If you need help with your homeowners insurance in Albertville, Minnesota, give your independent agent a call today and we will help you sort out the pros and cons of turning in a claim on your home.

How Do I Know What Type of Business Insurance I Need in Wayzata, Minnesota?

A smaller or larger commercial company can be perilous for any business owner. Lawsuits have been on the rise and primarily over the last few years since our economy has been failing. Some companies are at jeopardy more than other companies such as restaurants, grocery stores and medical companies, including doctor and dental offices. Tax preparation offices are another company showing increasing lawsuits. Without the proper business insurance, it could mean economic ruin for business and personal life.

No matter what kind of commercial company you own, you should have at least basic and comprehensive general liability coverage. This general liability policy shields you the owner from lawsuits arising from accidents, injuries and claims stemming from negligence. This basic coverage will protect you from property damages, slander, libel, bodily injury, medical expenses, legal fees and settlement bonds.

The necessary policy you need for your business will depend on your company. If you have a company that offers a service to the public, like a doctor’s office a professional liability policy is always a wise decision. This professional liability will cover beyond what the basic liability policy covers. These companies need a policy that covers errors, malpractice, and negligence lawsuits. If you own a company that supplies products to the public you will want a product liability insurance in case you face a lawsuit for product malfunction, or the product cause injury or harm to an individual.

If your Wayzata, Minnesota company has just one employee, you should be covered with worker’s compensation. Some states will require you to have worker’s compensation. Another type of policy you may have to consider is commercial property insurance.

You should not risk opening for business without the customary insurance coverage. As your independent agent, we can help you. If you reside in the Wayzata, Minnesota area, contact us and speak with an independent agent. All circumstances are different. Give us that call today so that we can give you specific details for your circumstances.