Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover Theft in Saint Michael, MN

Buying motorcycle insurance in Saint Michael, MN does not automatically mean that every possible problem is covered and that the protection is appropriate for the needs of the individual. Even though the state does have strict laws when it relates to liability, uninsured motorist and under-insured motorists, the minimum standards do not require coverage for theft or damages to a personal motorcycle.

Basic Plans

If you have purchased a basic policy, then it is unlikely that your plan will protect against theft. Most basic plans are designed to meet the state standards for liability protection. Even if the policy offers some extra coverage, it may not provide protection against theft.

You should always read the policy to determine the coverage if you are not sure about the protection that you have purchased. The policy will explain the specific details that may apply to your plan.

Comprehensive Plans

In many cases, a comprehensive policy will cover theft, vandalism or other actions that are not within your personal control. Keep in mind that every comprehensive plan differs, so the exact details will vary.

When you have purchased a plan for liability protection and coverage against collisions, it is unlikely that you will have any coverage for theft. Collision protection will pay for damages to your personal motorcycle, but will not usually cover any damages that are not related to an impact with another object.

A motorcycle insurance policy may or may not offer protection against theft. The details of the policy and the exact type of plan that you purchased will usually dictate the amount of coverage that you have available and the situations that are covered. To learn more about protecting your motorcycle from theft or other crimes, contact us to talk to an agent.

Home Insurance Company in Minnesota

It could be a snowy day in January when someone knocks on your door and wants to sell you the world’s greatest vacuum cleaner. Since you already have a perfectly good vacuum cleaner, you politely turn them away. Disappointed, the ambitious sales person turns around, takes two steps, and then slips and falls on an icy patch of concrete on your property. If they get injured, you could be responsible for their medical bills.

That is just one reason why you need home insurance. Your Minnesota home insurance policy not only covers liability claims resulting from injuries sustained by visitors to your property, but also covers damage to your house or loss of personal property.

Not every insurance company sells home insurance and companies that do sell home insurance charge different rates for a policy. When you have a mortgage, your lender will require you to carry home insurance. Even if you own your house free-and-clear and are not obligated to carry a home insurance policy, it is usually a smart idea to still maintain coverage. If you don’t have coverage and you suffer a loss to your dwelling or property, you alone will be forced to bear the expense of repairing or replacing what was lost. Worse yet, if someone is seriously hurt on your property and you are found liable, you could face a lawsuit for hundreds of thousands, or even a million dollars. If a judgment goes against you, you could be wiped-out financially. You could even lose your house!

It is important to select the right insurance company when you are buying home insurance. You want a company that is fair when you suffer a loss. Some insurance companies will deny valid claims or only pay you a portion of your loss. Some insurance companies charge rates that are significantly higher than other insurers. By using an independent agent who can get you quotes from a number of home insurance companies, you can get the best coverage for the most affordable rate.

Get Online Insurance Quotes for Business Insurance in MN

Small businesses are popping up all over the place, with many businesses run by owners who are not formally trained in the business world. One thing that a new small business owner may overlook is the type of insurance you need to keep your business going strong. If you don’t have insurance, you may end up bankrupting your company due to lawsuits that you don’t have protection against.

General liability insurance is the first stop for any new business owner, small or large. This is blanket coverage that covers a large amount of perils that a business faces lawsuits over. A good example of something commercial liability covers is if a customer gets injured when browsing your retail store. They sue for medical bills and damages. Instead of you covering this payment out of your operating account, your insurance covers it.

If you have vehicles and property that you use wholly for commercial businesses, you need commercial insurance to cover them. Residential insurance options do not allow you to make claims for business related accidents or damage.

Workers compensation is a necessary type of insurance if you have a certain number of employees, which is regulated by the state that you’re doing business in. This insurance provides compensation for employees who are injured while working. This also covers medical costs related to the accident. If you don’t have this insurance when you have enough employees, the state will fine your business heavily.

Look up online insurance quotes to find out how much necessary insurance costs your business. It may cut into your overhead a bit, but it’s worth it for the financial protection.

Boat Insurance Agents in Albertville, MN

Every summer, thousands of fishermen and recreational boaters hitch their boat trailers up to the back of their SUVs or pick-up trucks and head to one of the many beautiful lakes in Minnesota. While your homeowners insurance policy may provide a limited amount of coverage for damage to your boat, the motor, or the trailer, it is usually not enough to be fully protected. To be fully protected, you need to buy a separate boat insurance policy.

Boat insurance provides some of the same types of coverage you may see on an automobile insurance policy. You can buy property damage and bodily injury liability insurance that covers other people who are physically injured or suffer personal property damage. Liability insurance covers guests aboard your boat as well as people in other boats or around your boat. A typical boat policy may also include medical payments for injuries you, the boat owner, suffer. Boat insurance can pay for damage to your boat from collision or other perils such as fire or wind.

In general, power boats that are capable of high speeds will cost more to insure than a sailboat because they can do a great deal more damage if they collide with another boat or immovable object (like a dock) while traveling at high speed. Think of the cost as being the difference between insuring a fast sports car versus a family sedan.

Insurance agents that sell boat insurance can answer all of the questions you may have. Do you have to pay for boat insurance for the year if you only use your boat for three months of the year? They can tell you ways to save money on a policy such as taking a boat safety course, getting a multi-policy discount, or installing safety devices on your boat. Before you select just any policy, let your independent agent get you some quotes. That way, you can compare rates and get the most affordable boat insurance policy that meets your needs.