Do i need auto insurance in Wayzata, MN?

Investing in solidified auto insurance in Wayzata MN goes beyond fulfilling the legal requirement. Auto insurance safeguards your vehicle, your wallet and instills peace of mind. Navigating the aftermath of auto accidents is challenging, especially if it results in massive injuries or damage to property. Therefore, buying auto insurance from Pizano Insurance becomes a formidable shield to avert you from paying out-of-pocket for unexpected events like accidents. You are also spared from negotiating with other drivers or third-party owners after being involved in an accident. Are you searching for auto insurance in Wayzata, MN? Don’t hesitate to contact our charismatic agents at Pizano Insurance and get auto insurance that matches your needs and budget.

Procuring auto insurance from Pizano Insurance is an absolute necessity for the following reasons:

It protects yourself and others.

Outstanding auto insurance can safeguard your family members, other drivers as well as your passengers. If an accident transpires, you are guaranteed that any resulting costs from injuries or property damage will be catered for.

It’s a legal requirement.

Many states, including Minnesota, require all drivers to possess specific insurance minimums to operate their vehicle. These minimum provisions encompass bodily injury and property damage liabilities.

Asset protection

A vehicle is one of your prized assets that warrants magnificent protection from imminent perils like vandalism and fire. Buying comprehensive coverage replaces or repairs your car if it is physically damaged by non-collision events like hail, vandalism, and falling objects. Collision coverage replaces or repairs your vehicle if it gets damaged after colliding with another car or stationary objects.

Safeguard yourself against lawsuits.

Accidents are bound to strike at any time. In the litigious society, we thrive in today, you can get slapped with a lawsuit attracting insurmountable financial difficulties. The right auto insurance will salvage from claims made against you after an accident, including legal representation fees.

The benefits of auto insurance outweigh the demerits. Therefore, it’s imperative to contact our agents at Pizano Insurance serving Wayzata, MN and its environs. Please call or visit us today and get comprehensive information about auto insurance.

Why the Minimum Amount of Car Insurance Isn’t Enough

You may be trying to cut back on your everyday life in order to save money. It may be worth it with some things, like buying store-brand groceries instead of name-brand. However, there are times when you shouldn’t try to save money. Car insurance is one of these times.

Here are some reasons why the minimum amount of car insurance may not be enough. 

Cheap insurance doesn’t cover much. The simple truth is that the minimum amount of insurance that you need isn’t enough. You may only be required to have liability, which will cover costs for their medical bills, but that is about it. It won’t help with any vehicle repairs or even your own medical bills. 

You may have a high deductible. In order to save money, you may have to pay a higher deductible. This means that you may have to pay one or two thousand dollars (or more) before your insurance will pay a cent. It might be better to have a smaller deductible, even if you have to pay a little more each month. 

You may end up fighting with your insurance company. Insurance companies are quick to deny claims. They may fight you every step of the way. If you have cheap insurance, you may not have many grounds to fight back. 

Though you may want to save money, you really shouldn’t skimp when it comes to your car insurance. It is much better to find a better plan, even if it costs you a little more each month. If not, you could find yourself in debt with just one accident. 

In order to make sure that you get the best deal in Wayzata, MN, contact us today at Pizano Insurance.