Home Insurance Add-ons to Consider

When you buy home insurance from Pizano Insurance, you expect it to protect you against all perils lurking in your home. Unfortunately, home insurance has limitations. However, the good news for Wayzata, MN homeowners is that there are riders (add-ons) you can consider boosting your home insurance policy. Let’s look at a few.

Flood insurance

While home insurance covers water damage resulting from leaky pipes and faulty appliances, it doesn’t cover water damage from overland flooding. As such, you need a stand-alone food insurance policy to protect your home from floods. Even if you don’t live in a flood plain area, it’s recommended you purchase flood insurance since floods can strike anywhere.

Umbrella insurance

Umbrella insurance is extra liability coverage that comes into play when your liability coverage runs out. For instance, if someone slips in your home and suffers severe head injuries, home insurance can only stretch as far. It will cover medical expenses and possible lawsuits but may run out. Fortunately, umbrella insurance picks from what your home insurance leaves off. 

Sewer and drain backup

Water damage from a sewer backup is a constant pain for homeowners. These problems occur when your sewer lines are clogged, become old and weak, or when tree roots seep into the lines, causing damage. Unfortunately, this risk isn’t covered by your typical home insurance. For this reason, you should invest in a sewer and drain backup endorsement to avoid you counting losses when water damage strikes. 

Scheduled personal property

While home insurance protects high-value items like art and jewelry, the protection is limited. If loss or damage were to occur, you would incur out-of-pocket expenses to replace your property. Thankfully, valued possession coverage can help protect your valuables from breakage and theft. 

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Does My Auto Insurance Cover Against Damage Cause By Hail?

Living in Wayzata, MN does not prevent you from issues regarding your car. Fortunately, Pizano Insurance has your back, as it focuses on providing all the insurance care you need. Finding the right insurance cover for your vehicle is a priority before you hit the road. Numerous issues may lead cause destruction to your car. Such include hail, and it is prudent to find out if your insurance coverage will protect your vehicle in such situations.

Basic Features of Auto Insurance

Your standard auto insurance is your caregiver whenever physical damages occur. It foots the charges incurred during repair work after hail damage. What more, it may also offer you a care replacement if the damage was extreme. However, your insurer will only go to that extent if you had purchased comprehensive insurance.

How Do I Claim Compensation?

When pursuing compensation after severe weather damages your car, the insurer will need you to pay the deductible fee if you own comprehensive insurance. The cover safeguards you from issues that other policies leave out. They include theft, vandalism, and hail. That said, you need to purchase a comprehensive insurance policy to safeguard your car from hail damages.

Most hail claims happen during spring, as the weather tends to be unfriendly. That way, it is advisable to park your car safely during such seasons. Your comprehensive insurance cover will protect you from hail destruction throughout the year, as long as your premiums are up to date. 

Understanding Hails Destruction Cover

When filing for a hail destruction claim, your insurance will request comprehensive cover. The agency proceeds to assess the level of damage before deciding the way forward. As the insurance fixes your car, you pay the deductible fee totaling the balance you have. Your agency pays you an amount equal to the value of your vehicle if it is beyond repair. That way, you can get a replacement for your damaged car.

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