3 Ways to Light Jack-O-Lanterns That Don’t Create Fire Hazards

Carving pumpkins and lighting them up on Halloween night is a longstanding tradition. If you go around Wayzata, MN on the night of October 31, you’ll see illuminated pumpkins in front of many homes. A number of these will be lit with candles, but some will likely be illuminated by a safer option. There are several flame-free alternatives for lighting jack-o-lanterns that don’t create a fire hazard.

Illuminating Pumpkins Safely

Any time there is an open flame, there is a fire risk. If that open flame is put inside a small sphere that can catch fire, the risk increases. In other words, illuminating jack-o-lanterns with candles creates a fire hazard. Your local fire marshall probably doesn’t like it, and we at Pizano Insurance recommend against doing it.

There are several safer ways to light up pumpkins at night. Instead of tea lights, you can use:

  • glow sticks
  • LED lights that are battery-powered
  • small flashlights

None of these items have an open flame, and they’ll all light up a pumpkin just as well as a candle.

Check Your Home Insurance

Regardless of whether you use candles or one of these safer alternatives to light up pumpkins this Halloween, you should take a few minutes to check your home insurance policy for fire protection. Candles can cause house fires, but they’re hardly the only potential cause. Your policy should cover you if your home catches on fire.

If your home insurance doesn’t include enough fire protection, contact us at Pizano Insurance. We’ll help you find a new policy that is affordable but provides better protection. To get in touch with one of our agents, send our agency an email.