Harbor Dredging Damaged My Boat! What to Do?

Anyone who has spent time in Minneapolis and Wayzata, MN knows the local lakes are a regular hangout, particular for those with boats. However, even well-kept harbors eventually have to be cleared and dredged, a fact that eventually every boat owner is affected by when their harbor is next. Smaller boats are easy to deal with; they are just pulled out after use and put on a trailer. However, larger vessels have to remain in their harbor, and dredging can be a bit of a dramatic event.

While most Wayzata, MN dredging operations are handled professionally and are completed without issue, a sloppy event can be a big problem, according to Pizano Insurance. And boaters may not know the problem will damage their boat until the dredging is complete and the boater tries to move his vessel. Then the damage occurs as the vessel hits soil material under water that wasn’t cleared properly. Ideally, a dredging operation takes the underwater soil dug up and removes it to a barge which then relocates the mud to a farther away location out of the path of boats. However, if a dredger doesn’t account for material being deposited on the sides of the trenching, it can create a lipping effect that boats could hit, especially when tide is low. And that can mean serious damage if the material includes large rocks.

If a boat is damaged, ideally the dredging company can be identified and has a policy in place for damage it causes. The harbor could be held responsible as well for employing the dredger. However, what many boaters find is that their boat insurance policy oftentimes covers such damage that was no fault of their own, and then the insurance company seeks a claim against those responsible. What is needed, however, is a clear linkage that the damage was caused by dredging, and that could require examination of the boat and damaging material. To find out more call Pizano Insurance to understand how a claim process would work.

Is Your Business Safe from Theft and Vandalism?

As a small business owner, it’s your responsibility to keep your enterprise safe from theft and vandalism. Acquiring a business owner’s insurance policy from Pizano Insurance, Wayzata, MN is the first step toward protecting your investment. Here are a few other measures you can take to reduce the risk of theft and damage to your goods or property.

Upgrade Security Measures in Wayzata, MN

Upgrade security measures on your business property to discourage thieves and trespassers from targeting your establishment. This could include installing security lights to protect your property at night or a burglar alarm system and security cameras. Make sure you advertise that your property is protected by an alarm system to deter criminal activity. Upgrading your security will minimize the risk of crime on your business property and protect your assets. Security upgrades may also qualify you for a discount on your business insurance premium.

Secure Important Documents

Secure important documents such as financial statements, tax records, employee records, etc., in a safe location. Paper files that are essential to your business should be stored in secure filing cabinets or business safe. Digital records should be protected by secure passwords and anti-virus software. The sensitive financial material should be handled by trustworthy employees to avoid the risk of internal theft or fraud.  

Establish a “Business Watch” in Your Area  

Get acquainted with small business owners in your area and establish an agreement to watch out for one another and help prevent crime. Encourage your employees to keep an eye out for suspicious behavior in or around the area and to report criminal activity immediately to local police. A collective effort amongst local businesses will be much more effective in deterring crime.  

For greater insight into how to protect your business interests, contact Pizano Insurance, Wayzata, MN.