Three Circumstances That Affect Your Ability to Drive Your Motorcycle

Motorcyclists in Wayzata feel compelled to hit the open road with their bikes. The power of the motorcycle coupled with the feeling of oneness with the motorcycle is exhilarating. If you are a motorcyclist, you know the feeling all too well and you long to experience it each and every day. However, before you turn the ignition, avoid driving when you are facing the following three circumstances.

Drinking at a Social Event
When the weather warms, most people like to be outdoors more. In fact, your friend’s barbeque is the perfect event to show off your new motorcycle. If you partake in spirits, driving your motorcycle is off limits. Drinking reduces your ability to respond and can lead to an accident. If you damage another person’s property and your motorcycle, you may take a hit on your liability and collision motorcycle insurance coverage. Be safe, and don’t drink and drive.

After an Argument
When it is hot outside, tempers can flare up easily. If you are involved in an argument, you should not drive. Your anger may make you more inclined to drive faster or reckless, which places you and everyone around you in danger. For instance, your anger may compel you to do something dangerous, like speeding, which could lead to a ticket. Ultimately, you risk your motorcycle insurance increasing when you drive angry.

Low Visibility
During the summer, moisture in the air may create a thick fog during the early mornings that limit your vision. When it is challenging to see ahead of you, it’s best to drive a car, which has brighter lights to improve your visibility. Additionally, you will have more protection in a vehicle compared to a motorcycle if you are in a collision. Don’t jeopardize your motorcycle insurance when it’s foggy out.

Add Umbrella Insurance for Added Protection
With the possibility of getting into an accident ever-present, purchasing umbrella insurance complements your motorcycle insurance. With umbrella insurance, you have additional liability coverage that may repair or replace another person’s property if the damage exceeds your liability limits on your motorcycle insurance policy. When you are ready to purchase umbrella insurance, contact us so that we can review your options.


Umbrella Insurance Enhances Your Liability Protection

Umbrella Insurance Enhances Your Liability Coverage

With the weather warming, Wayzata can become extremely busy with tourists and locals. Many people’s desire to experience a piece of Wayzata can increase your risks when you are driving a motorcycle, so it is important to have enough insurance coverage. If you want more liability insurance, then purchasing an umbrella insurance policy will enhance your existing coverage.

What Does Umbrella Insurance Coverage?
Umbrella insurance is an extra insurance coverage motorcyclists can purchase to ensure they have enough liability coverage when they damage another person’s property. Without umbrella insurance, you may be responsible for paying the difference between your motorcycle’s liability limit and the damage you caused to one’s property.

How Umbrella Insurance Complements Your Motorcycle Insurance
Most states require motorcyclists to carry the minimum motorcycle insurance coverage, including the great state of Minnesota. However, with the costs of repairs and replacement increasing steadily, carrying the minimum liability coverage may place you at a disadvantage financially. For instance, if you crash into someone’s home or have an accident with an expensive car, the costs of repairs may easily exceed your liability coverage. Fortunately, motorcyclists with additional umbrella insurance won’t have to worry about insurance deficits since their umbrella insurance policy may cover the difference.

How to Purchase Umbrella Insurance for Your Motorcycle
Purchasing umbrella insurance is similar to purchasing insurance for your motorcycle. By calling our insurance office, we can provide you with a quote that will give you the additional liability insurance coverage you need to have peace of mind during the upcoming tourist season. With the ability to make the policy effective immediately, adding an umbrella insurance policy to your existing motorcycle insurance coverage can potentially safeguard your finances and your family’s current lifestyle. Give us a call to see what amount of umbrella insurance is right for you.