The Basics of Small Business Insurance

It’s difficult enough to have the have the energy and skill to construct a successful small business- and learning how the right insurance policy can protect your investments and capital can seem like a whole other project on top of it. We will explain in simple terms, the basics of insuring your small business against all the risks that may challenge it.

1. Liability Insurance

Any type of business can be sued, sometimes for unpredictable reasons. Customers can file a claim for damages they say resulted from the use of your products. Employees or customers may claim that your business is a hazardous environment. Whether or not you win in such disputes, wages lost and court costs can be excessive. Liability insurance can cover such losses and pay for the damages should the claim hold up in court.

2. Property Insurance

The right property insurance policy can compensate your business should property become lost or damaged due to various common perils. Fire, theft and flood are common examples. Property insurance not only covers a building, it can also cover personal property such as office furnishings, raw materials, inventory, equipment, and other mission-critical items. Property insurance can also include coverage for equipment breakdowns, debris removal after a fire, some types of water damage and other losses.

3. Workers Compensation Insurance

In most states, an employer is required to have workers comp insurance whenever there are over a given number of employees. Workers compensation insurance pays for medical care and can replace some wages lost by the employee- regardless of who is at fault. Should a worker die as the result of a work-related injury, the Workers Compensation insurance will provide an award to the family of the victim. Extremely small businesses, (one operated by no more than one or two people from their home, may not need this kind of insurance. But such a business will often need more liability and property coverage than a typical homeowners policy would provide.

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Car Crashes: What You Can Do To Help

When you live in Minnesota, car crashes are inevitable. Whether it happens in the winter or another time of year, there is much that you can do in order to help. While 911 is one of the obvious things to do, there’s actually quite a bit more that you can do as well.

Secure your car

It’s great that you want to help others, but you have to look out for yourself, first. Park your car away from the accident and then walk over.

Check on the victims

When you’re on the phone with 911, check on the victims. This can help the operator know how much help needs to be sent. They may also give you some guidance as to how you can help everyone a little further.

Turn their cars off

If the cars involved in the crash are still on, turn them off. This can be done by the driver or by you.

Wait for help to arrive

Depending on where you are and what the road conditions are, it can take a while for help to arrive. Sit patiently and keep the victims occupied so they can stay calm. Sometimes all it takes is knowing that there is someone there looking after them.

Leave a statement

Leave a statement with the police as to what you saw. Don’t admit to any kind of fault if you were on the roads with the other cars. Also, your contact information may be shared with an insurance company and potentially even a lawyer so that they can follow up as to what you witnessed.

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