If I Purchase New Things for my Home Should I Keep my Insurer in Albertville, Minnesota Posted with it, in Order to be Covered?

Buying a home in Albertville or Wayzata, Minnesota may require a certain amount of home insurance to protect your property. Although personal belongings are usually covered in part by a home insurance policy, there are situations when you will want to keep your insurer informed about new purchases that come into your home.

Expensive Purchases

If a purchase is very expensive, then you may want to inform your insurer about the item as soon as you bring it into your home. Give your insurer the details about the replacement cost so that it is noted on your account.

Expensive purchases that may be appropriate to inform your insurer about include electronics, jewelry and furniture. After informing your insurer about the purchase, keep a copy of the receipt and a picture of the item in a safe location so that you can prove that you owned the item if something happens in the future.

Other Purchases

Although it is appropriate to inform your insurer about expensive purchases, it is not necessary to give the details of every item that you bring into the house. Articles of clothing, a pair of shoes or an inexpensive piece of furniture may not require you to inform your insurer about the purchase.

In most cases, the amount of coverage that you have for personal belongings may provide enough funds to handle low-cost purchases that are not specifically identified.

While it is not necessary to inform your insurer about every purchase that you make, it is usually a good idea to mention high-cost items to ensure that the replacement cost of those specific items is covered. Call us to talk to an independent agent today for more information about coverage for personal belongings.

How do I Know my Business Property is Worth Insuring, in Albertville, Minnesota?

When you own a business in Albertville, Minnesota, you may worry about the insurance coverage that you need. Although you may decide that commercial insurance is a necessity for liability, you may worry about the necessary expense of insuring your company property. Although it may seem that your property is not worth insuring, in many cases it can save you money and frustrations if you obtain coverage for your property.

Value of the Property

Before you make any decisions, evaluate the value of your property. Even if you just have a plot of land or several computers that you used in a rented office space, the value of that property can make it worth insuring.

As a general rule, insure any property that is owned by your business if it will cost a large amount of money to replace those items. If the replacement cost is limited, then it may be appropriate to avoid an unnecessary expense.

Buildings or Land

Even though the value of a company-owned building or a plot of land may not be too expensive to replace or repair if it is damaged, it is usually a good idea to purchase some protection for any land or building that you own.

Commercial insurance that is designed for property can help protect against thefts, break-ins, fires and vandalism so that you are not paying for the repair costs or the replacement of equipment that your business requires.

It may not always seem important to insure the property that your company owns, but it can save a large amount of money if something happens to that property. Even equipment and computers can add up quickly if they are damaged or stolen. Contact us to talk to an independent agent for more details today.

Can a credit be obtained for GSM home Alarm System in my House in Wayzata, Minnesota?

You may be able to get a credit of ten or even twenty percent on your home insurance in Wayzata, Minnesota. Installing a GSM home alarm system will lower the risk of loss from perils such as fire and smoke as well as provide security against home intrusion and burglary.

Any measures that you take to make your home safer and more secure will help your family feel more protected and secure. Smoke detectors and dead bolt locks are a good start, but installing a GSM home alarm system provides an additional level of protection.

GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communication and is basically an advancement in technology from the days when alarm systems worked through telephone lines. Such systems are wireless and use the same technology as your cell phone to communicate. A 24/7 remote monitoring center can alert you to any dangerous condition such as an attempted break-in or the presence of smoke in your home. You can also monitor your home from yourself from, your smartphone or a computer.

All home insurance companies are different, but as a general rule, they all offer some type of discount to homeowners who choose to install a monitored alarm system in their home. Some may also offer a discount for smoke alarms and other devices that are not connected to an independent monitoring system.

While it is still possible to suffer a loss from fire or other problem detected by an alarm system, it is also more likely that the damage or loss will be minimized with early notification. If the police are notified immediately, they may be able to catch the intruder before he has a chance to escape with your valuables. Every minute counts when a fire breaks out and a quick response by the Wayzata Fire Department can minimize the loss.

If you have been considering the purchase of a GSM home alarm system, please give us a call. An independent agent can give you a good estimate of how much you could save in home premium payments by making your home more safe and secure.

Will there be any discounts on my Auto insurance policy if I am the single driver,in Wayzata,Minnesota?

When you go to buy auto insurance, one of the questions you must answer before your application can be processed is whether you are the only person who will be driving the car. If you are married and your spouse also drives, he or she will be added to the policy. That may be a good thing and actually result in a lower premium than if you were a single driver.

Premiums on auto insurance in Wayzata, Minnesota are based on risk. Auto insurance companies know from past experience that individuals who are married are generally more cautious and take fewer risks when driving. Thus, because you are not in the higher single-driver risk group, your policy premiums might be less.

If you are single, you may still qualify for a number of different discounts, but not usually based on the fact that you are single. Anyone can get a safe driver discount or a discount for having several policies with the same insurance company. You may be single and get a discount because you are over 25, but not because you are the only driver of the car.

Discounts are based on such things as age, driving record and the number of years you have driven without filing a claim. There may be some auto insurance companies that market to single drivers in order to get more clients. They may target a group such as college students. College students are typically single drivers and may get student rates.

Premiums and discounts are based on statistical probability and risk assessment. Anyone can park under a tree and suffer windshield damage when the branch falls. Anyone can get into a car accident. Being a single driver may not qualify you for a special discount, but, you can still get a favorable rate if you fall into a preferred risk group.

As your independent agent, we will work with you to find out all of the different discounts you may be eligible to receive. Some auto insurance companies offer more discounts than others. Please give us a call and an independent agent will be happy to contact a numberr of different carriers and get you the best possible quote on auto insurance.