How The Best Agents Can Help You With Insurance In Albertville

Albertville, MN is a small town in Wright County with a population of only about 7,000 people. The major employer is that of an outlet mall and this means that many people will commute to some of the surrounding areas. Education is held as a top focus within the town and there are plenty of recreational things to do, particularly in the winter months.

When you shop for car insurance in the 55301 area, you want to work with the best agents because they can explain coverage levels as well as help you to get quotes. Some of the coverage options within MN include:

– Liability insurance

– Collision

– Comprehensive

– Uninsured motorist

– Rental coverage

All of these things have to be taken into consideration as they can affect the quotes and the premiums. You want the highest level of coverage possible so you are not out of pocket more than the deductible if involved in a car accident.

Further, you want to make sure you can get the car repaired when something happens, even if it didn’t happen when you were behind the wheel. This can involve rocks thrown at your car, hail damage, and more.

We have agents to help you with insurance in Albertville. Not only will we make sure you are meeting the minimum car insurance requirements for MN but also explain other coverage options. This way, if something happens to your car in the 55301 ZIP code or anywhere else, your coverage takes care of the issue so you don’t have to. All you will have to pay is the deductible.

When you are ready to learn more about insurance and how much it’s going to cost, call us. We have some of the best agents around to help with quotes and more.

Does your car insurance cover friends in Wayzata, MN with learners permits?

It’s a situation that many teenagers who have their own car eventually face. A friend wants to drive your car; perhaps they want to go the Dakota Rail Trail or Wayzata Beach. They only have a learners permit, though. Will your insurance cover them while they drive your car around Wayzata, MN?

Most Policies Cover Permissive Users

Assuming you grant your friend permission to take your vehicle, they will be a “permissive user.” A permissive user is simply someone who you let use your car. They do have to be legally licensed to drive, which, in this case, means a licensed driver would also have to be in the car.

As long as your friend is driving legally, most auto insurance policies would cover them. Car insurance policies generally follow the car, so they would be covered under your policy and protected by its limits. The question thus is whether your policy covers permissive drivers, and the majority of standard policies do cover permissive drivers.

There are Some Outliers

Occasionally, however, a car insurance policy will exclude certain drivers. If a policy does exclude certain drivers, it may not cover anyone, except you, who is under 25 years of age. If this is the case, your friend would not be insured by your policy. Both your friend and you, as the vehicle's owner, would be personally responsible for any accident that your friend got into.

Most of the policies that exclude young drivers are for classic cars, but sometimes teenagers opt for such a policy to keep their premiums low. It is important to check your specific policy’s terms and exclusions.

Ask an Agent

To know for sure whether your friend would be protected, call one of our agents. One of our team members at Pizano Insurance can go over your policy with you to see how it would extend coverage in this situation. If it would exclude your friend, we could provide you with competitive quotes that do not have such an exclusion.