Factors to Consider When Selecting an Insurance Policy for Your Motorcycle

Owning a motorcycle is the easiest and most convenient way to move around Wayzata, MN. However, it can be disappointing when the two-wheeler causes property or bodily injuries to people, forcing you to pay huge bills to the parties affected by the accident. In this event, motorcycle insurance policy comes in handy to help in settling costs associated with riding damage or injury. Even Wayzata law clearly states that an insurance policy is necessary for any motorbike owner. This is why you need to head to Pizano Insurance and get an insurance policy for your motorcycle. Do you understand how to choose a policy for your bike? Here are the top considerations for selecting motorcycle insurance policy.

Cost of Premiums

This is the most important factor to consider when shopping for motorcycle insurance in Wayzata, MN. Premiums charged on each policy are different; therefore, for you to make a solid decision about the suitable policy, it is important to look at the benefits accruable from every policy and the respective cost of premiums. Ideally, choose a policy with cheaper premiums but carries more benefits such as discounts and bonuses.    

 Compare Different Policies

There is a variety of policies offered by Pizano Insurance. Each policy has different features and benefits. Taking a closer look at every policy will help you determine the type of policy that suits your motorbike. In-depth analysis of policies will also be beneficial in understanding the exclusions of each policy, giving you a chance to make decisions that are more informed.


The most appropriate way to reduce your premium rates is to look out for a policy that comes with discounts. Discounts can range from multi-bike discounts to experienced riders discounts among others.

With these tips, finding an appropriate bike cover will not be challenging any more. Consult Pizano Insurance for a trouble free experience.


Don’t Get Left Out in the Rain Without Umbrella Insurance!

Isn’t it awful when you get caught in the rain without an umbrella? When you get caught with an inadequate level of insurance coverage, it’s much worse than getting caught in the rain without a cover. You can protect yourself by having an umbrella insurance policy from Pizano Insurance, serving Wayzata, MN and the surrounding area. 

1. Protects Your Home

If you should happen to get sued for the amount of money not covered by your standard auto or homeowner’s policy, you could find yourself in a situation where you would have to sell your home to make up for the costs. What you worked so hard could be gone if you don’t have an umbrella policy.  

2. Protects Your Family

Your family relies on you to provide for them. They feel protected knowing you’re taking care of the bills, so they’re comfortable and safe in their own home. However, if you don’t purchase an umbrella policy, they could discover you didn’t think of one aspect. You could let your family down in the event something happens that exceeds the amount of insurance you have on your standard policies.  

3. Gives You Peace of Mind

You might always worry about something huge happening that’s going to cause serious financial consequences for your family. You might plan ahead by saving money, but if the incident that happens is more than you can pay, you could still find yourself being unable to meet your financial obligations. With an umbrella policy, you can have a peace of mind, knowing you have extra insurance that covers what you standard policies don’t. 

Contact Pizano Insurance, serving Wayzata, MN and the surrounding area, to get a quote for an umbrella policy, so you’re never caught in the rain. We’re available by calling 763-244-3320.