How To Protect Your Home From A Windstorm

If you’ve lived in Wayzata, MN for a while, you probably understand how much of a threat windstorms can be in the area. A little bit of wind may seem harmless at first — After all, if it’s not categorized as a tornado or hurricane, it doesn’t have as much of a capacity for damage, Right? Wrong.

Windstorms can spell tragedy for your house and anyone inside of it. Even if you’re planning to evacuate your home for the duration of the storm, experts such as Pizano Insurance recommend taking a few important precautions to keep your home safe and in one piece as it rides out the storm.

1. Check Your Home’s Perimeter

Your house may have been built to outlast a strong storm, but is its perimeter secured?

Before the storm is due to arrive, take a walk around your property and inspect it thoroughly. Look for any loose rocks, pieces of wood, and other objects that might be lifted by a strong wind. Should you find any such items, get rid of them or secure them safely in a shed or garage.

You should also ensure that any buildings on your property, including your home, are firmly rooted in place. There should not be any shifting ground or soft soil around the perimeter of your home.

2. Seal Your Windows And Doors

It’s always a good idea to cover your windows and doors in preparation for any kind of storm. Boarding up your entryways and windows may be necessary if you anticipate strong enough winds.

3. Make Sure Your Appliances Are Grounded

Are all of your electrical appliances grounded?

This is especially of great importance when it comes to major appliances like clothes dryers. Make sure that all of the electricity around your home is grounded and properly secured. If you have any outdoor electrical appliances (such as a grill or even a hot tub), unplug everything and secure properly before the storm.

4. Cut Down Any Unnecessary Trees

Are there any unnecessary trees on your property?

If so, this might be a good time to cut them down, or at least give them a good trimming. If you have enough time before the storm is due to start, take care of this task to the best of your ability.

Old trees that seem to lean or waver even in weaker wins are especially of concern. Having such trees on your property may be an issue for your home insurance provider as well.

If your neighbor’s trees are a threat to your Wayzata, MN home in the instance of high winds, discuss the possibility of having them removed.

Can your Home Withstand A Windstorm?

A strong enough wind can wipe out even the sturdiest of homes if preventative measures are not taken. Call Pizano Insurance today for a homeowner’s insurance quote or to get added protection. We are here to help you ride out the worst of storms.

Does Auto Insurance Cover the Cost of Buying a New Car?

Getting into an auto accident is one of the scariest things you can go through. That being said, it is also a big hassle as you have to either get your car repaired or you have to go out and buy a whole new car. So what does your coverage really pay for? For those in the Wayzata, MN area, the agents with Pizano Insurance can help you to find out just what your policy covers.  

The general coverage you are paying for with car insurance is the cost of the car that you own. This means that if you have a $25,000 loan out on your car and it is totaled, you are going to be paid out the amount that you have the car insured for. If you have the car insured for $30,000 you would get $30,000 that you could use to pay off your existing loan and then have $5,000 to put down on a new car. though your insurance is not going to pay fully for a new car, it is going to help you settle your current loan so you can get a new car.

In cases where you have full coverage, you are going to be able to collect a sum of money and get your new car. For those that only have liability coverage, you will just get the liability amount which is commonly $10,000 but may vary by state. You can speak with your insurance agent to better understand what your insurance covers and what you can expect your coverage to pay out so that you can create a game plan for buying a new car after an accident.

For those in the Wayzata, MN area, the agents with Pizano Insurance can help you find the right auto policy for you.