Is Once a Year Too Often to Compare Auto Insurance?

One of the questions we frequently get at Pizano Insurance from our Wayzata, MN, area customers is how often they should get a quote on their auto insurance.

Some believe getting an auto insurance quote every year may be too often. Here are reasons why checking quotes once a year may be a good idea.

Rates change.

It is a simple fact that auto insurance rates change, and not every company changes simultaneously.

Your driving record may improve.

As time passes, negative elements on your driving record may expire. This could improve your insurance rates with certain companies.

Providers often encourage new customers with lower rates.

Why not take advantage when a provider wants to encourage you to be a customer of theirs with lower rates? It can happen when you compare.

Changing auto insurance companies is easy to do.

Changing auto insurance providers is easier than many people think. It may just be a matter of answering a few questions and getting your approval. In fact, at Pizano Insurance, we can make it easy!

Get a quote today.

Many of our clients enjoy some serious savings when comparing auto insurance rates, which they may not have realized if they had not compared.

Pizano Insurance can do the legwork for those in the Wayzata, MN, area. Of course, the final choice is yours. Remember, comparing insurance rates is a good thing. Contact us today to get started.

We look forward to assisting you in getting the savings you deserve.

Coverage For Water Features and Other Property Upgrades

Let’s explore some popular upgrades for residential properties. The enhancements you choose for your property may necessitate additional home insurance coverage.

Water Features

Pools, ponds, fountains, and other outdoor water features can increase the value of your property. Since these water features can add significant value, consider seeking additional home insurance coverage.

Think about the size of the water feature you are investing in and the materials you have chosen for the upgrade. For deeper water features, consider researching liability insurance products that will provide coverage in case someone gets injured.

Additional elements like lighting, slides, and other accessories will further increase the value of a water feature, potentially requiring extra insurance coverage.


New fencing can not only offer definition to your property but also increase its value while ensuring security.

Determine the perimeter of the property that will be fenced. Research various types of fencing, including automatic, semi-automatic, and manual options.

If you are considering a new gate, assess the style you choose to add to your property. Remember, the fencing components should also be included in your current home insurance policy. This coverage will protect against wear and tear, natural weather phenomena, theft, and vandalism.

Contact Pizano Insurance

Each change you make to your property should be assessed individually. Once you’ve determined whether more insurance coverage might be needed, contact one of our agents serving Wayzata, MN. A Pizano Insurance agent will make the necessary adjustments to your home insurance policy.