When Should You Update Your Homeowner’s Policy

You know you need homeowner’s insurance, but you may not know that you need to update your policy regularly. At Pizano Insurance in Wayzata, MN, we offer homeowner’s insurance to protect your investment. 

Increasing Your Home’s Value

If you’ve recently added an addition to your home or completed a significant renovation, you should update your homeowner’s policy. These things increase the value of your home. Since your home is worth more, you may need to increase your coverage limit. 

Changes to the People in Your Household

You should update your policy if you’ve recently added a new family member or someone has moved out. Family members are covered under your policy, so your insurance provider needs to know who is living in the household. 

Purchasing or Selling Valuables

Have you recently purchased the diamond necklace you’ve dreamed of for years? Perhaps you recently sold an expensive antique. These situations mean that you need to speak to your insurance agent. 

If you get a new valuable item, you’ll need to inform the insurance company to ensure it is covered. You may need a rider if the item is costly. 

If you’ve recently parted with a valuable, your insurance company also needs to know this. Otherwise, you may be paying for coverage you no longer need. 

Starting a Home Based Business 

If you’ve recently begun a home-based business, you need to speak to your insurance provider. Most homeowners’ policies have minimal coverage for business equipment. You may need to upgrade your policy or choose a small business policy to be adequately covered. 

Homeowners Insurance with Pizano Insurance

If you need homeowner’s insurance or need to upgrade your current policy in Wayzata, MN, contact us at Pizano Insurance. Our knowledgeable agents help you choose the best coverage for your needs. 

How Comprehensive Auto Insurance Saves You in the Long Run

Here at Pizano Insurance, our team gets excited about auto insurance packages! After all, most love to do the latter when paying a monthly auto insurance premium or spending that money on a fun date night out. Yet, while auto insurance isn’t the most fun thing, it does offer some incredible financial and legal protection that can save you a lot of headaches down the line. This is especially true if you invest in a quality comprehensive auto insurance policy for your Wayzata, MN vehicle. 

Comprehensive auto insurance is an optional type of insurance policy that steps in and pays out in just about any accident that is non-collision related. While it does require paying more upfront or monthly premium amounts, it can often save you significantly in the long run. 

How Comprehensive Auto Insurance Saves You in the Long Run

Comprehensive auto insurance kicks in in the event of just about any non-collision-related accident. Consider if your vehicle was stolen and the thieves destroyed your interior. Your comprehensive auto insurance policy will cover the costs of reclaiming and cleaning your vehicle. If your vehicle is never found, then comprehensive insurance will reimburse you for the vehicle itself. This same thing goes if your vehicle is damaged or destroyed in other non-collision events like natural disasters and even collisions with animals like deer. Animal collisions and weather-related damage, such as from hailstorms, are two of the more common threats you’ll have as a Wayzata, MN, and greater Minnesota driver. The costs to otherwise repair following such events can be prohibitively expensive without insurance and risk severely devaluing the vehicle’s resale price. 

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