Is Home Insurance Required in Minnesota?

If you own a home in Minnesota, you are not required to have home insurance in place under the law of the state. If you have taken out a loan through a mortgage lender or bank, girl ender well more than likely requires you to have homeowners insurance in place. Even if you do not owe on your home and paid cash for it or ended up with it through inheritance and do not owe money for it, you should still consider having a home insurance policy in place for the Peace of Mind and protection it will provide to you and your family. The home insurance agents at Pizano Insurance in Wayzata, MN understand the importance of having your home insured.

Homeowners insurance will cover your house if it is destroyed or damaged by a fire, some type of storm such as a hail storm, and will protect it if a burglary of your house occurs. You can also obtain homeowners insurance that will cover flooding, although that is usually an extra policy that’s tacked on to your home insurance policy. If you live in a flood-prone area, you will definitely want to have that in place. Home insurance will also protect your house if it is damaged or destroyed by a tornado or a hurricane or some other devastating weather event. With climate change happening all around us, it is a good idea to have home insurance in place to protect your property in case any of these incidents occur.

Home insurance will also cover your belongings, including furniture, appliances, and personal belongings. This is important in the case of a fire or theft incident occurring at your home.

To decide upon which coverage options you want and need to protect your very valuable home and property, call the agents at Pizano Insurance in Wayzata, MN to get your home insurance policy started today.

What you need to know about liability coverage in your auto insurance

If you own a car, you probably must have heard from your insurance company or other people that you need to get the minimum liability coverage for your car. In fact, not having this coverage in Wayzata, MN can get you into serious trouble with the law. If you’re wondering why it’s so crucial for all drivers, you are in the right place. This post discusses liability; why you need it and how it can help you after an accident.

It is mandatory in most states 

Liability insurance is required by most states except New Hampshire and Virginia. Minnesota and 11 other states are among the no-fault insurance states. That means the fault is not relevant in the event of an accident. Your injuries will be covered by your insurance company regardless of whether you or the other driver was at fault. However, it’s critical to note that you can be sued or file a lawsuit against another driver depending on the nature of an accident.

The minimum is never enough

At Pizano Insurance, we recommend calculating your insurance needs as the minimum liability coverage is never enough to cover injuries and property damage. You may want to increase this coverage to a reasonable limit based on how you use the vehicle and how often you drive it. 

It helps you stay financially responsible on the roads

Most insurance companies in Wayzata MN believe that most road accidents are caused by human error. The cost of repairing a damaged vehicle and paying medical bills can take a toll on your wallet if you don’t have liability coverage. The situation is even worse if there is a lawsuit involved, as it can be costly. Liability helps ensure that all drivers are financially responsible for anything that might happen on the roads.

Don’t buy auto insurance blindly. Learn everything you need to know from the experts at Pizano Insurance. Our dedicated insurance team is always ready to help you stay comfortable on the roads. Call us today!