Why Does the Number of Miles You Drive Annually Affect Your Car Insurance?

When you are signing up for auto insurance, one of the questions that the insurer will likely ask is how many miles per month or year do you drive your car. Based on the number you give, your insurance rate may increase or decrease. The more miles you drive, the more you will pay. But have you ever wondered why this is? Here are a few of the reasons why the number of miles you drive affects your auto insurance rate.

The More You Drive, The More Likely It Is You Will Be In An Accident

The number one reason that your auto insurance rates are higher if you drive more is because you are more likely to be involved in an auto accident if you drive more. If you commute four hours per day, that leaves a four hour time period in which you can hit someone or someone else can hit you. This is significantly higher than someone who only drives for an hour a day or even less. As such, your rates will be higher. 

Don’t Think About Lying About Your Driving Mileage

If you do drive a lot, you may be thinking about fibbing on the numbers to get a lower rate. However, your insurance company can determine how many miles are on your car a number of different ways. Many states require inspections or smog checks every one to two years. During these inspections or checks, the mileage is noted. Once an insurance company sees you are driving much more than you claimed, the can increase your rates or even cancel your policy.

If you are looking to price out a new auto insurance policy in the greater Wayzata, MN area, contact Pizano Insurance. We can help determine the best plan for you based on the number of miles you drive each year. Contact us now to get started.

How to Take Inventory of the Contents of Your Home

Have you ever wondered how the insurance company would reimburse you after your Wayzata, MN house burned down or a tree fell on the roof? You might be surprised to learn that you can’t just tell them, "Well, I guess the total value of everything we owned was $20,000," and expect a check. You have to be able to prove it in order to get the most out of your Pizano Insurance homeowner’s policy.

That’s why you need to inventory your home. If your Wayzata, MN home has never burned down, that’s great. But you need to be prepared. Follow these tips to make sure you get reimbursed for everything—not just the house, but its contents too.

Get an Inventory App

That’s right, there’s an app for that. In fact, there are quite a few available for any type of device. These apps make taking inventory of your house fast, all in one place, even fun. Some allow you to take pictures, some have space for a receipt. They all look a bit different. But the bottom line is they make taking inventory easy. For most of these apps, you can walk into a room and start snapping pictures of your stuff.

Keep Your Receipts

It’s likely that you never thought about taking inventory of your home before, and that’s ok. But from here on out, you’ve got to be savvy. Every time you purchase an item for your home, keep the receipt, or at least take a picture of it. Remember that the more proof you have of an item’s expense, the better your chances of being fully reimbursed for it in the event of a catastrophe.

It’s not hard to keep an inventory of your home. Make it simple by keeping receipts and taking picture of your items, as well as building a list of them, for your Pizano Insurance homeowner’s company. You’ll get your home’s worth, inside and out, when you file a claim.