What is the Minimum Business Insurance Coverage Needed for a Start-Up Company in Albertville, MN?

If you are a new business owner with a start-up company, you should never open your doors in Albertville, Minnesota, without speaking to your independent agent about buying at least the minimum of insurance coverage. Minimum coverage is generally considered commercial general liability insurance. Business owners can purchase a company insurance package that offers adequate protection at a lower price.

Sometimes this minimum coverage is the only policy protection a company will need. If you have more than one company location, have hired employees and your company have higher profits you will no doubt need a different type of coverage protection.

This minimum liability coverage will protect you against property damage, personal injury, bodily injury and advertising injury. These four separate issues are purchased in one package instead of buying each coverage separately. These four coverages are bundled into a package are usually enough for any small business.

If your endeavor is a higher risk company that could leave you at risk for a high liability law suit, such as a small restaurant, in Albertville, Minnesota, you may want to purchase a supplement policy, such as an umbrella policy that will pay beyond the limits of your basic policy. Your independent agent can help you decide if an umbrella policy will be what you need, and sort through the particulars of purchasing the right coverage at the right price.

The umbrella policy will open up benefits that pay for legal fees and judgments that your basic policy does not cover. If you operate a business that presents more risk than normal, you should discuss your options with your independent agent in Albertville, Minnesota, in order to secure your financial future. We can help you with your policy needs. It is important that you give us a call so that we can give you specific details for your circumstances.