Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover Theft in Saint Michael, MN

Buying motorcycle insurance in Saint Michael, MN does not automatically mean that every possible problem is covered and that the protection is appropriate for the needs of the individual. Even though the state does have strict laws when it relates to liability, uninsured motorist and under-insured motorists, the minimum standards do not require coverage for theft or damages to a personal motorcycle.

Basic Plans

If you have purchased a basic policy, then it is unlikely that your plan will protect against theft. Most basic plans are designed to meet the state standards for liability protection. Even if the policy offers some extra coverage, it may not provide protection against theft.

You should always read the policy to determine the coverage if you are not sure about the protection that you have purchased. The policy will explain the specific details that may apply to your plan.

Comprehensive Plans

In many cases, a comprehensive policy will cover theft, vandalism or other actions that are not within your personal control. Keep in mind that every comprehensive plan differs, so the exact details will vary.

When you have purchased a plan for liability protection and coverage against collisions, it is unlikely that you will have any coverage for theft. Collision protection will pay for damages to your personal motorcycle, but will not usually cover any damages that are not related to an impact with another object.

A motorcycle insurance policy may or may not offer protection against theft. The details of the policy and the exact type of plan that you purchased will usually dictate the amount of coverage that you have available and the situations that are covered. To learn more about protecting your motorcycle from theft or other crimes, contact us to talk to an agent.