Do You Need Auto Insurance When Buying a Car as a Present?

Buying a car as a holiday present can be a great way to really give someone an amazing gift. When you go to buy a car, though, there’s more to the purchase than just the actual purchase. There’s also the title, the registration, and the insurance. You can’t just buy the car from a dealership and take it home. They’re going to do the registration and title paperwork there for you, and then you’ll need to insure it before you drive away.

With a personal auto policy through Pizano Insurance you can cover the car you’re buying as a present before you leave that Wayzata, MN dealership. There are a couple of ways you can buy and insure the car and also give it as a present. You can either bring your gift recipient to the dealership with you, or you can buy the car in your name and then transfer the title at a later date. Both are acceptable ways to buy a car as a present, and which choice you make depends on how you want to give the gift to your recipient.

If you want to do the big reveal, where the car’s in the driveway with a giant bow on it, you’ll need to buy and insure the car in your name before you drive it off the dealer’s lot. The title can be transferred to your gift recipient later, and then they can insure it under their name. If you don’t want the car in your name at all, and you don’t want to worry about the need to insure it, you can take your gift recipient to the dealership with you. That way, the title and insurance will be in their name from the very first day.