Will my auto insurance premiums increase if I file a claim?

"Will my auto insurance premiums increase if I file a claim?" This question is on the lips of nearly anyone who has recently had to file a claim. You may have even been scared to file a necessary claim because you were worried about the potential raise in your auto insurance rates. The good news: Not every claim will result in a raise in your car insurance rates. ‘

Whether or not your car insurance rates go up following a claim depends upon several different factors. Rest assured that your insurance company does not just arbitrarily raise rates, and they raise rates only when it is necessary given the situation. These are the things that might impact your insurance rate after a claim.

How Serious the Accident Was: A major accident that costs the insurance company many thousands or tens of thousands of dollars is more likely to result in a raised rate than a minor claim that involved, for example, a few hundred dollars in damage.

Your Driving History: What is your driving record like? Is this your first claim in years, or do you get into trouble with tickets and claims regularly? The fewer the claims you have and the less traffic violations you have, the less likely you are to experience a hike in rates.

Who Has Liability: Who was liable for the accident? If you have no liability in the accident, or only minor liability, it is unlikely your rates will be impacted. Conversely, if you are completely liable for a major accident it could certainly cause a change in rates.

Every policy is unique, and your insurance provider may offer special things like "accident forgiveness," so that rates are not impacted after a claim. Our agents are here to help you get a policy that will work for you, both in times of claims and in times of smooth driving. Check out our free live quote comparison tool online today!