If a pipe accidentally bursts inside the wall in my house, what factors affect if I can make a claim on my home insurance policy?

Plumbing problems can be a nightmare for a homeowner, and a burst pipe inside a wall is a particularly troublesome and damaging problem. The first question you’re likely to have is "Will my home insurance policy cover this?" The answers in the insurance industry are rarely simple, and this one is no exception.

The key to answering the question of whether or not insurance pays for a burst pipe is to understand the nature of insurance. Home insurance is designed to protect your home from catastrophic events, such as fires, tornados or even burglaries. What home insurance is not designed to do is to pay for regular wear and tear or negligence.

So basically, pipe bursts in your home may be paid for, but only if there’s some defining event that causes it. The good news is that in Albertville, MN, you can bet that when your pipe bursts there is some kind of winter storm or severe weather event behind it. Still, your claim will go much more smoothly if you have plumbing records to prove that your pipes are well-maintained and you have some pictures or other documents to show the effects of the storm on your property. If your pipe damage is covered, your insurance will likely pay for the plumbing repair as well as any water damage caused by the leaking pipe.

Understanding what’s covered by your home insurance policy is tricky, and every policy is different, so you would be wise to talk to an agent. As your independent agent in Minnesota, we are here to answer all of your insurance questions, so call us today!