Auto Insurance Requirements in Wayzata, MN

If you live in Wayzata, MN, you should be familiar with auto insurance requirements in the state of Minnesota. Insurance professionals, such as the ones who work with Pizano Insurance, can potentially help you if you are seeking information.

As is the case in most states, if you live or drive in Minnesota, you need to have auto insurance coverage. This is necessary if you want to register and drive a vehicle anywhere in this state. You will need to have coverage for the following: bodily injury to others, property damage liability, uninsured motorists, and underinsured motorists. There are minimum amounts of coverage that you are required to have, but the majority of people will opt for higher amounts, in order to provide themselves with all the protection they need in the event of an accident or mishap. You also need personal injury protection or PIP. The car insurance requirements in Minnesota are relatively extensive when compared to other states.

There is also an alternative for people in Minnesota who have been denied auto insurance on the open market. If this has happened within the past 60 days, they can apply for coverage via the Minnesota Automobile Insurance Plan. This is a network of insurers that is meant to be of assistance to high-risk drivers. It helps them secure coverage at price levels that have been firmly established. This can be a very useful option to people who do not have the ability to obtain car insurance another way in the state of Minnesota.

If you live in the city of Wayzata, MN and are interested in learning more about auto insurance, you should contact the professionals at Pizano Insurance. They will be able to answer questions that you may have and potentially point you in the right direction in terms of choosing an auto insurance policy for yourself.