Will my business insurance protect my business in a natural disaster in Wayzata, Minnesota?

A natural disaster is a problem that impacts the lives of every individual within a particular area. As a business owner, you want a commercial insurance policy that will protect your company assets when a natural disaster strikes in Wayzata, Minnesota.

Type of Disaster

Depending on the situation, insurers may or may not offer protection against the disaster. In general, a basic policy will not provide protection against natural disasters unless you purchase additional protection.

A basic commercial policy protects against common threats, such as fires and vandalism. It may not protect against flooding, tornados, earthquakes or similar disasters. That is why it may be necessary to purchase additional protection for your business when you are worried about disasters that may take place in the local area. Keep in mind that the coverage may or may not be available through your current insurer.

Plan Details

The only way to determine if you are already covered and how much coverage is available is by reading your current policy. Depending on the current plan and the details of your contract, the situations that are covered may vary.

Pay particular attention to the clauses and exceptions that may apply to your account. In some cases you may be covered for the damages. In other situations, you may not be covered due to an exception or a clause that prevents you from making a claim.

Natural disasters are not usually covered in a basic commercial insurance plan because the risk is impossible to predict. Even though certain disasters may not be covered, some insurers do offer additional protection and optional policies that can help. Contact Pizano Insurance to talk to an independent agent for more information about policies that may protect against natural disasters.