Does a home security system lower my homeowners insurance premiums?

If you’re concerned about the high cost of homeowners insurance premiums, there are things you, a homeowner, can do to lower your rates, add value to your home, and increase your sense of safety at home. As your independent agent in Albertville, MN, we will help you understand every factor that might impact your homeowners insurance premium rates, and show you what you can do to cut those rates.

Safety Factors

We look at things that might impact our bottom line. A secure home is less likely to be a target for burglars. encourages all homeowners to look for discounts on homeowners insurance they may be missing. One of the most common missed discounts relates to home security. People who live in gated communities, for example, may be eligible for discounts on their premiums because the gated enclosure gives them added security.

As MSN Real Estate explains, it doesn’t occur to most people that insurance companies look at the crime rate in their neighborhood. You may be living in a well-built, secure home, but if all your neighbors live in less secure homes, and many of the homeowners have filed claims with their insurance companies lately, that could really impact your home insurance rates.

The government’s Insurance Information Institute suggests that you can cut your premiums by five percent by installing dead bolts, smoke detectors and burglar alarms. The institute goes on to add that some companies will cut rates by as much as 15 to 20 percent for homeowners who have automatic sprinkler systems, or home security and monitoring systems that automatically contact the police or fire department if an alarm is triggered. These are not cheap systems, so it is important to weigh the cost of the system against the long-term savings you’d get on your home insurance rate.