Lawful, Safe, Insured

Three Characteristics of a Smart Motorcyclist

Motorcyclists are an eclectic group. Some ride the latest Harley while others love their rebuilt Indian from their younger days. The characteristics that bring them together are a commitment to safety on the road, legal use of eye wear and helmets, and reliable insurance that will back them up after an accident. This is why we are proud to provide policies for motorcyclists through Pizano Insurance serving the Albertville, MN area. Our agents are ready to work with you to find the policy that suits your needs today.

Safe On The Road

Being safe on the road, for a motorcyclist, means knowing that the drivers around you may not be aware of your presence nearby. Be aware of the behavior of other traffic around you and obey the laws of the road. Your quick reaction to the unpredictable behavior patterns of drivers around you will protect you and minimize danger.  

Legal Use Of Eyewear and Helmets

In Indiana motorcyclists are required by law to use helmets and protective eyewear if they are aged 18 or younger. After a motorcyclist turns 19, the decision is up to them. Many bikers routinely maintain these safety precautions. We enjoy seeing bikers around the Albertville, MN area practicing safety. 

Reliable Insurance

Pizano Insurance believes that motorcyclists need a fair deal when purchasing insurance coverage. Their needs are unique and they want the best coverage and rates available. That’s why we recommend you drop in for a visit or call us today; we can put the best insurance policies right in front of you immediately. So check us out, and have the peace of mind that lets you focus on those road trips you’ve got planned.