Minnesota Home Insurance: How to Avoid Costly Water Damage Claims

Water damage is more than just a bad day, it could ruin some of life’s most precious moments and memories. When you want to avoid expensive water damage claims or repairs, there are a number of things you can do for preventive measures. 

At Pizano Insurance, we want Wayzata, MN home and business owners to get the most out of their home insurance policies, without expensive claims. Start outside the home when you are trying to prevent water damage.

Take these steps to prevent water from coming into the home.

Disconnect Hoses

When you have hoses outside, there is always the potential for standing water. If those hoses are connected to a pipe, that water can move back into the building and even freeze in the pipes. That will lead to burst pipes and water explosions everywhere. 

In your home, that will lead to floor and wall damage, and could even lead to damage to the foundation. Disconnect all of your hoses outside, and put the hoses away when you know you won’t be needing them again that season.

Clean Downspouts and Gutters

You should be doing this job at least twice a year, as this will help to avoid ice dams and blockages from ice or plugged sewers.  If you have unmanaged water flow this could lead to puddles that cause problems with the foundation. You’ll see leaks, water damage, and even flooding. 

Clean the gutters and downspouts to make sure that when water or weather flows, it flows seamlessly. Make sure your downspouts are pointed away from the house.

Maintain Outside Trees and Shrubs

You don’t need to do too much maintenance here but to check the vegetation around your pipes. When you have branches, vines, and leaves wrapping around your pipes or growing in that direction, you want to maintain those branches in the opposite direction. Remove them entirely if you can. 

Update Your Insurance

In the worst-case scenario, water damage is going to lead to a home insurance claim. At Pizano Insurance, we want Wayzata, MN residents to take preventive measures there to protect the contents they’ve grown their whole life. Update your home insurance policy to make sure you are protected from water damage. Call us for a quote today.