Get Personal Umbrella Insurance To Get Excess Auto or Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage

Personal umbrella insurance covers you when your current policy doesn’t. It goes above and beyond your auto insurance or homeowner’s insurance policy limits. It covers you when your liability adds up to more than your policy will pay.

Picks Up Where Your Policy Leaves Off

If hurt another driver in an auto accident, the driver’s medical bills might go well beyond your policy limits. And, you might need to come up with the amount that your insurance company didn’t pay. Coverage under this policy includes:

  • Coverage over your home, auto or recreational vehicle limits
  • Coverage for libel or slander
  • Coverage for court and attorney fees for frivolous claims against you

Prevents You From Losing Your Home

You need not worry about losing your home to pay the difference between your insurance limits and your liability amount. Your policy will take care of it. These special policies often are available with limits of at least $1 million, but you can get higher amounts if you need it.

Coverage You Can Get

Personal umbrella insurance covers you wherever you go. For example, if you get in an accident while you’re on vacation at an international location, your auto insurance coverage might not cover you. But, you need not worry because your personal umbrella policy covers you. Other scenarios where you might find this insurance coverage helpful include:

  • You’re liable for a contract worker who’s injured while working on your home
  • While driving your car, your teen driver badly injures another driver
  • You need to go to court because someone filed a fraudulent claim against you


If you intentionally hurt someone, you’re on your own. Personal umbrella insurance policies don’t cover criminal activities such as this one. You also won’t have coverage for workers compensation or malpractice claims. You can get coverage for work-related injuries through your employer’s workers compensation insurance. And, you can get an errors and omissions policy to cover malpractice claims.

Don’t get caught without adequate insurance to protect you and your family. Call us today to see if a personal umbrella policy is right for you. We’re happy to serve residents in Monticello, MN and the surrounding area.