The Power of Strong Car Insurance

If you’re insuring your first car and aren’t sure what it can do for your Wayzata, MN vehicle, it is vital to learn more. At Pizano Insurance, we can teach you about the power of car insurance and how it protects you financially from various types of financial concerns.

Damage Caused by An Accident

If you’ve gotten into an accident and your vehicle is seriously damaged, you can get protected by your insurance. Your policy will not only pay to fix or replace your car but will pay for repairs to any other vehicle damaged in an accident that you caused. This policy is called liability protection.

However, it can also cover things like injuries caused to other people in the accident. Liability protection helps to minimize your struggles and provides financial support. Specialized medical payment policies will cover you or anyone else injured in your car.

Pay for Replacement If a Car Is Totaled

If you get into an accident that causes excessive damage to your car, you may need to replace your vehicle. This step is available if the repairs to your vehicle will cost more than its value. In other words, it would be pointless to repair it because you’d never get the money back that you spent.

Understand that your insurance will pay to buy you a new car worth the current value of your vehicle, not what you spent. So, if you spent $20,000 on a new car, and it is worth $8,500 at the time of your crash, you’ll get a vehicle at that price.

You Can Keep Your Vehicle Safe

Are you concerned about your car insurance and want to find the best options for your Wayzata, MN vehicle? Then, you should contact us at Pizano Insurance to learn more. Our team will do what they can to help you find a policy that meets your financial needs and your vehicle’s safety protection.