What is Full coverage Car Insurance?

As a car owner in Wayzata, MN, you’ve probably come across the term full coverage insurance. Generally, there is no auto insurance cover that covers everything. It is just a term that is used to describe a combination of coverage that protects you against the state requirements and personal insurance needs. According to Pizano Insurance, there are a few insurance requirements that are usually considered as full coverage car insurance.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is a third-party policy that covers all the damages and injuries caused to the other person. In this case, if you cause an accident, you’re liable for medical and repair expenses caused to the other driver. You cannot drive on most American roads without liability insurance because it is a requirement of almost every other state. 

Collision Insurance

Collision insurance is specifically meant for you. It helps in covering your car in case of an accident. This policy helps you in instances where you’re are at fault in an accident. The other party will not be required to pay for the repair expenses you’ll incur. Collision insurance also expands to other repair requirements. It may cover damages caused by objects other than vehicles on the road where you’re at fault.

Comprehensive Insurance

This is one of the most robust insurance policies out there in the country. It covers everything. In essence, comprehensive insurance can be regarded as full coverage auto insurance. Unfortunately, most auto owners do not have a comprehensive insurance policy. It is a costly cover that many people may not be able to sustain.

Can You Get Full Coverage Auto Insurance?

In Wayzata MN, Pizano Insurance can help you get an auto insurance policy that covers everything you may need. However, it will be challenging to get a cover that can address all your auto insurance requirements.

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