What Kind of Bodily Injury Insurance Should I get for my Motorcycle in Albertville, Minnesota?

Minnesota motorcyclists often find that it is necessary to obtain bodily injury insurance. Albertville motorcyclists will find that it provides peace of mind in case an accident occurs and it is necessary to seek medical attention. The challenge is determining the right type of coverage to meet personal needs and provide a feeling of security while enjoying a motorcycle.

Insurance Legalities

In the state of Minnesota, every motorcyclist is required to obtain basic liability coverage. The liability coverage will only provide payments for property damage or injuries to other motorists and passengers if a motorcyclist caused the accident.

Although the state requires a minimum of $10,000 for property damage and $30,000 for one individual who is injured or $60,000 for two injured individuals, it does not have any bodily injury requirements for the motorcyclist. Liability coverage is only the minimum state requirement so it is necessary to purchase further coverage for personal injuries if an accident occurs.

Additional Protection

Bodily injury coverage is an additional solution to protect the motorcyclist. It is additional insurance and generally it is best to obtain at least $30,000 or more in case an accident results in medical expenses. The cost of medical needs will vary based on the exact nature of the injuries, but ultimately it is better to seek the same amount as the state liability requirements or more for personal peace of mind.

The state of Minnesota has minimum insurance laws, but it does not impact the decision to protect personal finances in case an injury occurs. When it is hard to determine the right policy for personal needs, an independent agent can help. To gain assistance in your search for a new policy or speak to an independent agent, contact us today.