When is Umbrella Insurance a Good Idea to Purchase?

Finding yourself in a situation where you are liable for an amount that extends far beyond your insurance policy, like a horrible car wreck, that is when Umbrella Insurance can be handy. If you are left without some sort of extended coverage, you are on the hook for paying the rest of the damages out of your own pocket.

If you feel that you need umbrella insurance and you are in the Albertville, MN area, consider contacting Pizano Insurance for a quote.

Considering that umbrella insurance policies cover multiple facets of one’s life, it is probably a good idea to get it if you have a lot on the line. Some forms of insurance will cap out at $300,000 or less, which is quite low if you are involved with high-value individuals or property. Instead of having your assets wiped out from a single lawsuit, monthly insurance payments is quite a low price to pay.

Let’s not discount the legal fees associated with a high-value lawsuit. Regardless of the result, consulting with a lawyer for such cases is not cheap and some will charge hourly. Even settling outside of court will add a significant amount to the whole ordeal, which is often covered by umbrella insurance policies.

Keep in mind that some items are excluded from most umbrella policies. This may include malpractice cases, claims against employers, business-related activity, or intentional damage.

To determine if you need umbrella insurance, you will need to evaluate your own lifestyle, assets, and income level. If you have a lot of wealth to lose, umbrella insurance can protect your from a wide variety of surprises in life, much like an umbrella protecting yours from the rain. If you are still interested in this plan and you are in Albertville, MN, check out Pizano Insurance.