3 Ways Your Commercial Insurance Can Negatively Surprise You

There are some surprising things about Wayzata, MN, especially to non-locals. The town was the place where William H. Macy’s character in the movie Fargo was to purchase a parking lot. Much of the 1999 film featuring Kirsten Dunst and Kirstie Alley called “Drop Dead Gorgeous” was filmed here. People are also pleasantly surprised at the recreational opportunities that abound in the small town.

Some surprises are interesting and fun, others, not so much. If you own a business in the Wayzata area, here are three ways your commercial insurance can negatively surprise you.

  1. An increase in price. Many times you don’t even see it coming. Then you get the notice of a significant increase in the costs of your business insurance. This is a time many business owners will go shopping.
  2. You find out you are not covered for a specific loss. This can be as uncomfortable for your agent as it is for you. This is why an occasional business insurance review is important. Your business is likely changing and you want to make sure your coverage is keeping up with it.
  3. You’re not sufficiently covered for a claim. Discovering that your limits are inadequate after suffering a loss can be a significant problem. Areas like your electronics and computers can be expensive to replace and reinstall properly. Having your insurance come up short can be costly.

At Pizano Insurance, we are an independent agency that serves Wayzata area businesses and homeowners. Due to the fact that we are independent agents gives us the opportunity to shop many companies for coverage that won’t disappoint you. You can get a homeowners insurance or an automobile insurance quote online at our website. If you would like to know more about our commercial coverage, please contact us. We’re Pizano Insurance and we look forward to serving you.