Can I Make A Personal Injury Claim?

Albertville, MN is a small town within the state that offers a number of stunning neighborhoods and communities. The homes are priced within the average as found within the state, though salaries of the homeowners are considerably higher than state average. With a population of only around 7,000 people in the 55301 area, there is also a surprising number of things to do.

When you have homeowners insurance, you will often have the ability to make a personal injury claim with the insurance company. This means that if someone hurts themselves on your property and then comes after you for financial responsibility, you can turn to the insurance company for assistance.

There are many reasons why someone would make a personal injury claim against you in Albertville. Much of it has to do with how badly they hurt themselves or how negligent you were in keeping your property safe in the 55301 area.

Top reasons for a claim include:

– Slip and fall

– Injury down the stairs

– Problems with ice outside

– DUI from a party held at your home

Whatever the reason and whomever the person is, if you have personal injury claim coverage on your homeowner’s insurance policy, you will be able to file the claim with the insurance company and have them handle everything. This includes covering any legal expenses as well as paying the actual claim.

The extent to which an insurance company will help in MN will depend on the coverage you actually have. Coverage levels can vary dramatically from policy to policy.

We have insurance agents to help you get the coverage you need. This way, if someone experiences an injury on your property, you have peace of mind knowing it isn’t going to cost more than your deductible.