Do I need extra insurance to cover my motorcycle accessories?

Motorcycles are much more than just motorized bicycles. They are a symbol of freedom and individuality, and people who ride often have a spirit of independence. They can also be adapted for comfort and style by adding a variety of accessories. These accessories can add value to the motorcycle but they can be expensive, and it is important to know they are protected in the even of damage or theft.

Some of the accessories you purchase may include sidecars, trailers, fancy plating and even riding apparel, which can keep riders safer while looking very stylish. The accessories can be damaged on their own, or as part of a bigger mishap. Sometimes parts are stolen or vandalized while the motorcycle is outside.

If you ride a motorcycle in Wayzata, MN, we at Pizano Insurance can help you make sure that your current motorcycle policy also extends coverage to your accessories, or we can help you obtain a policy which does cover those items. While some policies already cover accessories, you can probably obtain much more comprehensive coverage if you add on a policy to your existing one. Because this policy is being added on, you can probably get the additional coverage for a very reasonable price. You are always subject to the limits on your current policy, so adding on coverage will make your protection greater.

Your accessories are part of your experience, and often provide extra comfort and protection. Protecting them is important. If you have motorcycle accessories that you want to protect, please feel free to contact Pizano Insurance. We help the people of Wayzata, MN with all their insurance needs.