3 Ways to Handle Emergencies Like a House Sitting Pro

House sitting is your job. You take it seriously, so you should thoroughly consider the clear and present danger that could be lurking outside. To ensure that you maintain your brand, and to ensure you are safe at all times, the following three tips will help you while you are home sitting.

Safety Tip #1. Remove every spare key from the home.

Of course, having a spare key under the mat is a great way to save money with a locksmith. However, it’s not a great way to keep intruders out. With the cost of a home burglary averaging over $2,100, it cost less to replace a lost key than to experience a home invasion.

Safety Tip #2. Let the neighbors know you are house sitting.

Two minds are always better than one, even in house sitting. If your clients live in a reputable neighborhood, then you can solicit the help of their neighbors. You can introduce yourself, and let them know that you are house sitting. Additionally, let them know that you would appreciate a watchful eye from them since you are new to the neighborhood. Most neighbors will help you keep a watchful eye for any strange behaviors.

Safety Tip #3. Always use the alarm systems.

Alarms systems work. These systems alert you when there is an intrusion, and they alert your neighbors. Additionally, these systems work to deter intruders. However, you can’t use it unless it’s engaged. No matter what you are doing, you should ensure that the home’s security system is armed so that you are protected.

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