Preventing Fender-Bender Fraud

Believe it or not, there’s a lot you can do to prevent fender bender fraud. People get into these kinds of accidents all the time. It can be nerve wracking when it happens to you, though it’s important to be aware of all that’s going on. You can prevent any kind of fraudulent activity by being active throughout the few minutes that take place following the accident.

The other party who is involved in the accident may be trying to commit fraud. This means you have to be cautious about what takes place. You want to get a police officer on the scene as quickly as possible. If the person is trying to commit fraud, they probably don’t want this to happen. This is because there would be an impartial party providing record – and this would make it harder for them to commit fraud.

Essentially, this is exactly why you want the police officer on the scene. They will write up a report as to what they have seen.

You also want photos. Even though the case may seem cut and dry, if it ends up in a courtroom, you may want photos to show what kind of damage was seen on both cars. This will help the judge to determine just how hard the car was hit and what kinds of injuries could result from such a fender bender.

There are certain details you need to share. This includes your insurance information. The moment the other person drives away, you want to contact your insurance company and get your story in before they have an opportunity to reach out to your insurance company.

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