Preparing the House For Fall in Minnesota /preparing-house-fall-minnesota

As fall begins in Minnesota, temperatures drop and chances of snow begin to appear in the forecast. The days become shorter as well. It’s important to take steps aimed at preparing your Wayzata, MN home for the months ahead:

1. Switch your ceiling fans so that they turn clockwise. This will help you keep heat in the room rather than letting it rise through the ceiling.

2. If your house has central heat, schedule a yearly furnace inspection and cleaning. These services reduce the risk of system failures and boost the efficiency of your heating equipment.

3. The risk of a fire increases in the autumn because you need to generate heat and spend more time indoors. Remember to test all smoke detectors and replace the batteries when needed.

4. If you use timers or a home automation system, make any necessary adjustments to accommodate changing sunrise and sunset times. For instance, you might set outdoor lights to turn on earlier.

5. Clogged rain gutters may trigger indoor leaks after ice dams form. To prevent this harmful situation, remember to clean your gutters during the autumn. Pour water into the troughs and make sure it drains properly.

6. Seal and insulate your house to cut energy bills and prevent frozen pipes. Consider adding insulation to walls, pipes or the attic. Use caulk to eliminate chilly drafts.

7. The North Star State’s first snow showers often materialize in October. Remember to stock up on sand and ice melter so that you can treat slippery decks, sidewalks and driveways.

While these tips may help safeguard your Wayzata, MN residence during the fall, they can’t prevent every disaster. Consider signing up for affordable home coverage from Pizano Insurance to obtain greater financial protection. Pizano Insurance helps customers compare quotes from multiple insurers. Please dial 763-244-3320 today.