Top Reasons You Should Carry an Emergency Kit in Your Car this Winter

Minnesota winters can get extremely cold. While those of us who have lived in Wayzata, MN or other parts of the state are familiar with how do drive in cold and icy conditions, it is still important that you always keep an emergency kit in your vehicle. This is especially the case during the cold winter months. At Pizano Insurance, we want all of our clients and their families to be safe while driving this winter. As an added measure of safety, take a few minutes to pull together an emergency kit and place it in your care.

What is An Emergency Kit?

An emergency kit is essentials that you might need if you are stalled, stranded, or otherwise detained on the road. It contains things supplies such as snacks, water, any medications, flashlight, and extra batteries. In the winter time, it should also have seasonal items such as a shovel and windshield scraper, blankets to keep you warm, and extra warm clothing including gloves, hats, and scarves.

Why Should You Keep One in Your Vehicle?

By keeping these supplies and any other essentials that you may need in your vehicle, you are prepared for the worst. If your automobile stalls or is involved in an accident and you are unable to run the heater, warm clothes, and blankets will come in handy until help arrives. If it is nighttime, a flashlight with working batteries can help you visually to assess the situation. Or, there may be times when you must clear a path of snow, and a shovel would be very helpful. At Pizano Insurance of Wayzata, MN, we hope that you stay safe while driving, but if you need help, give us a call.