Trimming Back Trees and Hedges Improve Your Home Security

With winter rapidly approaching around Wayzata, MN, most of your yard work is done for the year. However, now is a good time to take a look at those oversized shrubs in front of your house and trim any overgrown trees down to size.

Can You See Your Doors and Windows From the Road?

During the warm months, have you admired all the trees and hedges in front of your home? If you couldn’t see the doors or windows through all the leaves, that means you can’t see a home invader working away at locks and windows, either. By removing large landscaping from around points of entry, you improve the security of your home.

Check the Power Lines to Your Home

Blizzard winds will be howling soon. Did that tree near the house finally get big enough to be hanging over your cable, phone and electric lines running to your house? You can prevent loss of power in a storm by having those trees trimmed back now. The utility companies may take care of the ones on the street, but not on your property. Call in a professional now.

Are Your Trees Healthy?

Sometimes we like the tree that grew with a natural V in the trunk. However, that means when it grows large enough, it is susceptible to coming down in a storm–possibly damaging your siding or roof. With all the leaves down, it’s a good time to have sick, rotting and unsafe trees identified and removed from your property.

Good property maintenance isn’t just about keeping up appearances; it’s also about protecting your most valuable asset and your family.  Give your Wayzata, MN area home a good winterizing review and catch up on those forgotten chores.