Wayzata, MN: How Much Insurance Should You Carry on Your Boat?

A boat can be a valuable investment. Protecting it with adequate insurance coverage is the key to protecting that investment and preventing financial loss. The amount of boat insurance you will need depends on several different factors. If you have purchased the boat with the help of a lender, you must insure the boat to cover the cost of the loan. It is also important to know what requirements each state demands when purchasing insurance. Most states have minimum liability amounts that must be covered with by an insurance policy.

If you own the boat outright, the amount of insurance you purchase may only be to cover the minimum liability amounts required for the state. This type of insurance is similar to the PL/PD policies that many people carry on their cars once they have been paid off. These policies do not pay for the damage to the boat, but will cover damage caused to other boats and property if their is an accident. Talking to a licensed insurance agent about how much insurance is usually needed and will help you make a choice as to how much insurance should be purchased.

In Wayzata, MN, residents can turn to the agents of Pizano Insurance if they have questions about boat insurance and how much is needed to fully protect your interests. They will be able to help you find the right policy to adequately insure your boat, against damage, theft, and vandalism. The agents are can help you evaluate the type of insurance you need and may be able to offer discounts if other types of policies are purchased.